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Concrete Cleaning Services

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Are you looking for the answer to 'how do I remove oil from concrete'? Perhaps you need to clean chewing gum from a concrete floor? Or are you in the process of renovating a building constructed from concrete?

When it comes to cleaning concrete, APT have a stress-free solution for you. We can clean and renovate concrete of any age and any condition. With over 25 years of experience, we have encountered and solved most concrete cleaning problems and have the equipment, chemicals and expertise to cope with whatever cleaning problem you care to throw at us! And if your concrete is damaged, we can repair it too.

Etching concrete floors and paths is also a best way to clean concrete and remove the polished slippery surface to allow for safe walking without risk of slipping .etching and cleaning concrete to allow industrial floor painting

We specialise in removing oil and degreasing concrete floors let us show you how to clean concrete and other industrial floors in factories, industrial and commercial buildings

From cleaning up of diesel spills on garage forecourts to removing graffiti off concrete walls, we have seen it all - our clients come back to us time and time again for all of their cleaning needs, not just for concrete.

What do we clean?

The list is long, here are some of our most frequently cleaned places:

  • university and other concrete buildings such as office blocks
  • multi-storey car parks
  • factories and other industrial premises
  • shopping centres
  • roads, paths, parking areas, access ramps
  • clean concrete walls
  • subways and bridges
  • runways
  • repair damaged concrete

What can we clean and remove from concrete?

  • General dirt from air pollution
  • Moss, lichens and remove algae
  • Clean off bitumen and tar from concrete
  • Grease, diesel stains , fuel oil and heavy oils
  • Chemical oil spill clean up
  • Unwanted paint and other coatings
  • Graffiti removal service
  • Rubber from tyres
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Weeds

This list is not exhaustive - why not challenge us with your concrete cleaning needs!

What methods do we use to clean concrete?

That depends on what needs removing. For graffiti, we would use soda blasting; for moss, algae and lichens we would use our proprietary 'Hot Box' low pressure high temperature steam cleaning system; for chewing gum we can use our environmentally friendly concrete cleaning product 'Gum Gone' based on a citrus solvent. In certain cases, we would use a combination of methods.

How you will benefit

  • Potentially slippery and hazardous areas will have been removed
  • Building exteriors will look smart and create a good first impression
  • Cleaning will be done to suit your requirements, not ours
  • Our skilled operatives ensure your concrete is cleaned properly and rapidly

The best concrete cleaning ...

Whatever your situation, you can be guaranteed that you will be treated individually and appropriately - we do not have a 'one method fits all' philosophy. We will assess your needs and discuss a strategy that will ensure minimum disruption to your daily business routine, including after-hours cleaning.

APT offer a comprehensive concrete cleaning service that is excellent value for money.  Contact us now on 01495 308 048 for a no-obligation chat.

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