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Warehouse and Warehouse Floor Cleaning Services

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In warehousing environments, floor cleaning can be a particular problem. Dirt that has been trodden in or brought in on the wheels of vehicles, rubber from warehouse vehicle wheels, oils and greases. Add into the mix a little water and accidents are almost inevitable. For thorough removal of the grime, call in APT's warehouse cleaning team.

We have the technical know-how, over 25 years of experience chemical cleaning and the most sophisticated equipment for warehouse floor cleaning  including all industrial non slip flooring ,sealed concrete, painted concrete, epoxy resin, polyurethane and mezzanine floors. Our expertise minimises the cleaning time and maximises the effectiveness of your warehouse cleaning programme.

You may be tempted to send out your own maintenance staff to do the job, however, hiring an industrial cleaning company is the choice of astute managers. We have a range of fast-curing floor repair products so we can repair your warehouse floor if required.

We have developed a wide range of superbly effective warehouse cleaning chemicals and techniques including:

  • high temperature low pressure superheated steam cleaning which fast drying to minimise disruption during cleaning.
  • low pressure water vortex cleaning
  • floor scrubbing service
  • soda blasting for perfect surface preparation prior to warehouse floor re-coating or to remove spilt paint, bitumen and other coatings
  • deep cleaning and commercial cleaning of industrial flooring
  • a range of degreasers and other cleaning detergents such as drain cleaning chemicals with a low environmental impact

Our highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians use these cutting edge methods, equipment and commercial chemicals to keep your warehouse flooring clean, thus you benefit from improved safety and productivity.

Warehouse high level cleaning service

Warehouse cleaning concerns are not just underfoot. Airborne dust and dirt accumulate up in the dead spaces of your warehouse. At APT we have a variety of industrial hoists that enable safe high level warehouse cleaning to be effected. We take care of the health and safety issues - one less thing for you to worry about.

Factory  machine cleaning services uk .We also carry out industrial factory and machine cleaning services .Call us and let us help you with the best commercial and industrial deep cleaning services uk 

Warehouse cladding cleaning service

Airborne pollution, algae, lichen and mosses on warehouse cladding and roofs can cause damage allowing the weather to penetrate the interior. Our proprietary 'Hot Box' technology is a quick-drying low pressure hight temperature steam cleaning system that is perfect for cleaning warehouse cladding as it removes all moss, and algae staining effectively without damaging the cladding, unlike pressure washing.

With conventional methods of algae stain and moss removal, it is necessary to apply a chemical to the surface to kill off residual spores. Our system ensures 'one-pass' warehouse cladding cleaning as the high temperatures kill of the spores. You benefit from better cost-effectiveness.

Warehouse gutter cleaning service

Regular gutter cleaning will help to avoid gutter overflows and failure which, if left unchecked, can cause water penetration leading costly loss of stock.

Warehouse roof cleaning services

The roof is your primary defence against the weather, calling on the experience of APT will help you to ensure it remains intact. Plants like moss and algae can cause damage if not removed regularly. Using the same access equipment and cladding cleaning techniques, we can safely clean your warehouse roof .    We clean internal under roof cladding ,girders and roof light

Why call in the APT team ...

Before providing you with a cleaning schedule, we visit your warehouse and assess how best to clean each area of your premises. We will provide everything required to minimise disruption and inconvenience to your daily routine, including 'out-of-hours' working where necessary.

We carry out a full risk assessment and ensure that the project conforms to Health and Safety regulations.

Stress Free Warehouse Cleaning Services ...

Are YOU an astute manager? Contact APT now on 01495 308 048 for a no-obligation chat about warehouse cleaning and to find out how we can benefit your warehouse maintenance routine. 

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