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Please find below a few of our clients showing the vast range of sectors we work in. Underneath are some case studies to explain how we have specifically helped some clients.

Algae clean building exterior

Algae removal from bridge

Building and cladding cleaning
before and after

Graffiti before and after

APT work gallery

APT work gallery

Brick Cleaning

Cladding Restoration Commercial Painting

Dry Ice & Soda Blasting

Duct Cleaning

Factory Cleaning

Graffiti Cleaning

K_Render Cleaning & Algae Removal

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Deep Cleaning of Machinery

Case Study Image - Deep Cleaning of Machinery

The client was using several industrial degreaser products and a hazardous cleaning solvent. The cleaning solvents were delivered and stored and dispensed from 1000 litre ibc containers.The client used approximately 1000 litres per month of solvent degreaser and 150 litres of other cleaners and degreaser solutions throughout the cold mill department to clean and degrease. The client processed rolled steel, the machinery plant and floor areas.