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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste disposal is a serious business and can become a complete minefield, if you are not aware of government legislation. At APT we are fully conversant with all the rules governing the disposal of hazardous waste; we are members of the Environment Agency. 

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We specialise in providing cost effective and environmentally friendly hazardous waste disposal services to commercial and industrial clients. As part of specialised services our we will remove and dispose of chemical waste, toxic waste, asbestos disposal, sharps removal, plus other types of contaminated waste disposal.  

Nearly all household, commercial and industrial wastes are Directive Wastes and require assessment to determine if they are hazardous waste. The phrase “Directive Waste” refers to European legislation called the revised Waste Framework Directive [2]. This identifies the environmental protection principles behind waste management. It also identifies which wastes are covered by these principles and those which are not.

Some wastes are completely excluded from being Directive Wastes and all waste controls; some are excluded if covered by other European legislation. Examples of exclusions include decommissioned explosives, waste waters and animal by-products. Further information on exclusions can be found in Defra’s guidance ‘Definition of Waste’ [3] and on their website:

New Classifications

Many new materials have been classed as hazardous. The rules and regulations regarding disposal of hazardous waste are extensive and are updated regularly therefore we highly recommend that you use a professional hazardous waste disposal company. Using our extensive knowledge about hazardous waste disposal, we will select the most appropriate disposal route for your wastes and ensure all documentation and licensing is in place. 

Industrial Services

Our wide range of industrial services also covers oil spills and removals, tank cleaning, high pressure jetting, non-hazardous liquid waste disposal, removal, tank cleaning and biohazard removal.

As part of our specialised waste disposal companies services we also deal with biohazard waste disposal, safely removing sharps (needles, syringes or similar objects) from situ and depositing them in biohazard waste disposal boxes.

For all enquiries about our waste disposal services and our contaminated waste disposal please call us on 01495 908048

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