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Cleaning the Exterior of your Commercial Building

Avoiding Dilapidations

As a manager of a commercial property, you will be fully aware of the need to protect your asset. Even if your building is not in an urban setting, dirt particles, micro-organisms like algae, lichen and fungi, bird droppings, carbon particles and other pollutants will still accumulate on the walls and roof, in the gutters, on access roads, walkways and car parks.

Making the Situation Worse

Cleaning these areas might appear simple - buy a high pressure washer and detergent, send out your maintenance crew and blast it all off. Job done. But this could be doing more damage than leaving your building dirty.

A high pressure washer removes the soiling indiscriminately, ripping it clear of the substrate in one fell swoop. Nor is it suited to all surfaces. On an already weakened surface such as weathered bricks and mortar, the bricks can spall and the mortar partially removed by the pressure leaving the structure open to further and rapid deterioration. Sound surfaces are not safe either. High-pressure washing creates micro-damage to the underlying surfaces as it does not take into account how the dirt is bonded.

Take for instance moss in the car park. Moss likes to grow in places that remain moist so it establishes itself in the gaps between the tarmac granules or small pits and joints in concrete. It doesn't have roots but uses rhizomes to grip the surface firmly. It struggles on perfectly smooth surfaces but where there is even the tiniest unevenness, it is perfectly at home. If you simply blast it off, as the rhizomes are lifted, minute portions of the surface come off with them. You can't see the damage but it allows the moss to re-establish itself even more firmly in a fairly short space of time. Go through several cycles and the damage becomes more evident, leaving the car park open to significant damage from the weather and traffic.

Customised Cleaning

At APT, we understand how different soiling is bonded to the substrate therefore our first visit to your premises will not involve any cleaning. We will carry out a full survey of your site to establish what type of soiling is present in each area in order that we can plan exactly what is needed to clean your property efficiently and without damage. On the appointed day and time, our building cleaning team will arrive with the correct materials and equipment so no time will be wasted travelling backwards and forwards to pick up forgotten products or equipment.

But that's not all. We look at how we can minimise disruption to your daily business routine or tenants, problems of access plus all aspects of health and safety too. For a commercial building on an industrial estate, that's generally straightforward, however, for social housing, care homes, country houses and other buildings with limited or soft ground access, it is a different story. With over 25 years experience to call on, you can be assured of a comprehensive approach that other companies cannot provide, giving you complete peace of mind.

We have a wide range of cutting-edge equipment with fully trained staff who can carry out any building cleaning job professionally:

  • rope access teams
  • cherry pickers
  • scissor lifts and other hydraulic access machinery
  • soda blasting equipment
  • low pressure steam cleaning machines
  • high and low pressure washers
  • dry ice blasting
  • other specialist building cleaning equipment and techniques

What can be cleaned from your building?

The answer is simple, we can remove virtually any type of soiling. If you have been hit by graffiti 'artists' we have effective non-chemical methods for removing it. Examples of other soiling that we routinely remove from façades, cladding, brick and stonework are:

  • micro-organisms such as green and black algae, lichen, fungi
  • bacterial staining
  • carbon and other pollutants
  • scale
  • UV light and other discolouration

Environmentally friendly building cleaning

The benefits of environmentally friendly building cleaning are numerous, well documented and often discussed. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques which help safeguard the health and safety of the fabric of the building, the occupants, our cleaning technicians and on a grander scale, the planet!

How to obtain the best building cleaning services

Contact APT building cleaning services now on 01495 308 048 for a no-obligation chat about how we can benefit your business. We will provide all the protection required to minimise disruption and inconvenience to the public and your daily business routine, including 'out-of-hours' working where necessary. 

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