Brick & Stone Cleaning using Soda Blast Cleaning at River Island in Leeds

Dedicated to providing innovative Industrial Cleaning and restoration solutions in Yorkshire.

With 30 years’ experience, APT provides tailor made solutions for Industrial Cleaning, maintenance projects in Yorkshire.

Industry Trusted Industrial Cleaning Experts in Yorkshire

APT Industrial Cleaning will give your industrial facility and industrial equipment the care it deserves. Our industry knowledge and specific cleaning methods deliver outstanding results, for industrial facilities, fit to specification.

It’s easily noted that industrial buildings, industrial facilities and industrial equipment can often become worn and in need of regeneration.

Harsh environmental impact and contaminant build up, often during short periods of time can leave properties, equipment and facilities looking dirty, worn and in need of a professional clean. APT offer a wide-range of industrial cleaning services which are tailored to meet your needs. Contact Us to see how we can help you with Industrial Cleaning near me.

Industrial Cleaning in Machinery, Factory & Warehouse Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning Leeds

Our Approach to Industrial Cleaning in Yorkshire

We understand that perceived downtime and disruption to business can mean that industrial cleaning is put off. Our 30 years’ experience as an industrial cleaning company means we have developed effective solutions, applied in an efficient manner to alleviate such concerns.

Our tailored approach allows us to recommend the most efficient way of using our industrial cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions whilst working specifically to your industrial facility needs. We provide transparency at all times, ensuring our clients are kept up to speed at every step. Utilising industry leading technology, combined with our expertise and specialist knowledge, we remove all unwanted elements from the associated surfaces, bringing your property, equipment and facilities back to life once again.

Our Industrial Cleaning Team for Yorkshire

APT provides a full consultation of each project to understand client specific needs and industrial facility. Our team of fully accredited consultants and on-site staff are equipped to complete all varieties of industrial cleaning requirements. Get in touch to see how we can help you with Industrial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning near me.

We provide site-specific RAMS and health and safety is a priority when carrying out our industrial cleaning services. Offering non-abrasive solutions, we can guarantee to deliver results; being sympathetic to the substrate material, ensuring no damage is caused. Extending an industrial facility’s lifespan is our aim and in providing tailored aftercare maintenance solutions we ensure to do just that! Find our how we can provide our Industrial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning near me.

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Case Study - Corus Plant

We partnered with Corus on several of their industrial cleaning projects. One of the projects entailed a burst in the heavy oil pumping system, filling the industrial facility with oil, coating the pipework and industrial equipment. It was anticipated to be a 12-month industrial plant shut-down along with liability costs.

After an agreed proposal, APT began work on cleaning the industrial equipment, machinery and building structures. APT were successful in restoring over 80% of the plant, allowing return to production in less than 3 weeks and saving the plant over £250,000.

“APT are no ordinary industrial cleaning company, they reacted immediately to our emergency. They think outside of the box and provide both long- and short-term solutions. It is very apparent when you speak to them that their wealth of knowledge within the business is to be credited. We are very grateful for the help APT provided.”

Case Study – Corus Plant

Regular Industrial Cleaning Services

·  Factory cleaning  ·  Machinery cleaning  ·  Engineering, production and manufacturing plants  ·  Oil spills  ·  Tank cleaning  ·  Automotive industry to include dockside buildings, yards & ships  ·  Refineries  ·  Government & MOD sites  ·  Food and beverages   ·  Cold store cleaning  ·  Pharmaceutical  ·  Confined space cleaning  ·  Exterior building cleaning & roof decks  ·  High level cleaning & rope access  ·  Industrial floor cleaning  ·  Warehouse cleaning

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