Expert Water Damage Cleanup for UK Infrastructure and Industrial Facilities

Flooding events across the UK due to climate change have been rising in the past few years, considerably increasing the risk of flooding significantly. During 2023, the UK has seen some of the worst flooding than in previous years, without the end in sight at any time soon.

All industries have been affected by the likes of Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, causing significant loss of livelihood for many businesses. Transport has been hugely impacted with many flights being grounded and cancelled, trains being delayed due to blockages and flooding on the railways and road closures due to severe winds and water on the roads.

Infrastructure faces significant risk and the engineering communities must invest in solutions in preparation for changes in climatic conditions to reduce the impact of weathering such as Storm Dennis. Flooding is significantly affecting all levels of business in the industrial areas and concerns for industrial cleaning are increasing. Businesses across the UK are more commonly requiring water damage cleanup services and that’s where we come in.

APT have been in business for three decades, providing water damage cleanup services across the UK when such events occur. We also provide fire damage restoration solutions services for properties who have been faced with such challenges.

Bridge & Road Flooding

UK Infrastructure faces severe threats since flooding has become more prevalent in recent years. The strength of our bridges is being significantly tested since water is being thrashed towards them at an astonishing rate. The bridges along the River Wye and River Severn are causing concern for onlookers since there is so much water crashing against them, leading to structural damage.

With 30 years’ specialist building cleaning and water damage cleanup experience, our team of fully-qualified, accredited specialist technicians are on hand to manage all forms of water damage cleanup, whether it be surface cleaning and restoration. Property cleaning is something we carry out on a frequent basis, so we understand the specialist requirements in working with delicate surfaces often in bridges and other forms of infrastructure.

Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals provide specialist cleaning chemicals and eco-friendly solutions to mitigate the effects of flooding and reduce the impact of water damage to stonework, brickwork and other facades. We have been using these products for our water damage cleanup service for 30 years so you can be assured that they work without causing damage!

It’s been duly noted that the roads have been significantly impacted by the effects of Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. Road closures are cropping up all over the UK since the roads have been flooded and the winds are so strong. When it comes to cleaning highways and roads, specific requirements must be taken into account to ensure that the roads are not being closed for extended periods of time. Our team are on hand to deal with emergency water damage cleanup jobs as soon as they come in.

We are frequently required to assist with emergency projects affecting bridges and roadways. We understand the urgent requirements and have a team of staff on board to assist with emergency response jobs affecting infrastructure.

Industrial Flooding

Buildings have been faced with increasing water and water seeping into the building, along with extreme weathering like the ferocious winds hitting the buildings and causing damage. We have received a number of enquiries of late regarding the internal structures of industrial buildings, concerns from our clients about how to tackle the flood damage and provide industrial cleaning for the internal and external surfaces.

We have been able to recommend our industrial cleaning services to our clients and put them at ease when it comes to concerns with regards to water damage cleanup. Our teams of fully-certified technicians are well-equipped to manage all realms of flood damage recovery. Our services offer specialised cleaning solutions, along with removal and recovery from damages.

We understand that removing debris and unwanted, potentially damaged goods from inside your industrial facility can be concerning, along with not wanting to reduce downtime for the business more than necessary. Our emergency response teams are familiar with this and work around the clock to ensure that we are meeting your requirements in ensuring that your facility is cleared and professionally cleaned to the highest of standards.

What to do next? If you’re in need of immediate assistance to cope with flooding and lives are at risk, then please call the emergency services to assist you. If there is no immediate danger to life, then please take the opportunity to reach out to APT as we can alleviate some of the concerns that come with such damages. For us to understand the nature of the concern and tailor our solutions to help you in mitigating the damage to your property or any surface, please give us a call on 0800 0723 773 to discuss you water damage cleanup job.