APT Client - Americhem
Client – Americhem Europe Ltd.
Project – Warehouse Cleaning (by Professional Warehouse Cleaners) – Industrial Floor Cleaning – Machinery Cleaning

What did the client need?

Americhem Europe Ltd required a comprehensive deep cleaning solution for their production machine floors and warehouse areas. The objective was to effectively remove dust and debris buildup, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

The client, Americhem Europe Ltd, needed professional cleaning services for their production machine floors and warehouse areas. The primary goal was to eliminate dust and debris buildup, which could potentially impact the performance and safety of their operations. The client required a thorough cleaning solution that would ensure the cleanliness of both the production machines and the surrounding floors.

Americhem Europe Ltd, a prominent company in the chemical industry, sought professional cleaning services for their production machine floors and warehouse areas. As a leading provider of innovative solutions, Americhem Europe specialises in the development and manufacturing of advanced color and additive masterbatch technologies.

With a commitment to quality and excellence, they recognised the importance of maintaining a clean and safe working environment to uphold their high standards. This case study outlines how we approached the deep cleaning project, the solutions we employed, and the successful outcome achieved for Americhem Europe Ltd.

How did we approach it?

To address the client’s cleaning needs, our warehouse cleaners adopted a systematic approach. We began by using industrial vacuums to remove loose dust and debris from the production machine floors and warehouse areas. This initial step helped prepare the surfaces for a more thorough cleaning process.

For the subsequent cleaning stage, we utilised an assisted scrubber dryer along with manual labor from our warehouse cleaners. This combination of tools and manpower allowed us to effectively remove stubborn dust and grime, ensuring a deep and comprehensive clean. Our warehouse cleaners team are trained to operate the machinery and apply appropriate cleaning techniques to achieve optimal results.

What was the solution?

To meet the client’s requirements, our solution consisted of multiple steps. Firstly, we swept the production machine floors to remove loose debris. Next, our warehouse cleaners used specialised cleaning agents to dust off the production machines, ensuring the removal of any accumulated dirt or grime. 

Additionally, we performed degreasing and cleaning on one of the production machines to eliminate any grease or oil buildup. Finally, we mechanically cleaned the surrounding floors using an assisted scrubber dryer, guaranteeing a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

What was the outcome?

The client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the deep cleaning project. They appreciated the speed and efficiency with which we completed the cleaning tasks. The production machine floors and warehouse areas were left clean, free from dust, debris, and any potential safety hazards.

The end result not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. Americhem Europe Ltd could now operate in a clean and hygienic environment, promoting a safe and productive workplace for their employees. Our meticulous warehouse cleaners cleaning approach contributed to the client’s satisfaction, ensuring a positive experience throughout the project.

Through the implementation of an effective cleaning approach, including the use of industrial vacuums, an assisted scrubber dryer, and our warehouse cleaners manual labor, we successfully completed the deep cleaning project for Americhem Europe Ltd. The thorough removal of dust and debris from the production machine floors and warehouse areas provided the client with a clean and safe working environment.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality cleaning solutions resulted in a satisfied client who appreciated the speed and end result of the cleaning process. Americhem Europe Ltd could now continue their operations with confidence, knowing that their facility was well-maintained and conducive to optimal performance.

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