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Vapour Blasting

Vapour Blasting is the common name used where blast cleaning utilises water and a fine blast media in suspension, delivered by a special air controlled system fuelled by compressed air to the blast head nozzle. The non-aggressive metal surface finishing action of the wet aqueous or dry blasting method creates a thoroughly clean and lightly cleaned or an abraded finish depending on the blast media, without impinging on the metal surface.

APT blast cleaning teams use this method of application as part of our blast cleaning systems and service to deliver several cleaning finishes depending on the client requirements. The best blast cleaning application for cleaning, stripping or removing unwanted debris is our soda blasting vapour blasting. We use the best soda blasting media armex brand for wet and dry blast cleaning of metals and component’s blast cleaning. We can remove safely several layers of unwanted paint, rust and other coating quickly and effectively.

The ratio between the water pressures and the air pressure in the vortex blast head nozzle is variable and highly controllable, allowing for an excellent finish. The addition of water creates a self-lubricating action and washes the surface continuously during processing. The wet blast process is less aggressive than dry blast cleaning and no dust is produced with this metal and surface finishing.

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