Client – Gwent Shopping Centre
Project – UPVC Cladding Cleaner – Graffiti Removal – Brick Cleaning

What did the client need?

Algae Removal at a Gwent Shopping Centre, a prominent retail outlet located in Blaenau Gwent, enlisted the expertise of APT for a comprehensive assessment and effective UPVC cladding cleaner solutions for their UPVC cladding and public mall areas. The centre recognised the need for a general facelift to elevate the overall appearance and improve customer experience, requiring expert UPVC cladding cleaners. In addition to revitalising the UPVC cladding cleaner, specialised graffiti removal and drain maintenance were also vital components of the cleaning project.

Facing significant challenges, the client required a thorough evaluation of problem areas throughout the shopping centre. The white UPVC cladding cleaner was heavily ingrained with traffic film build-up, and the presence of mould and algae was evident. Graffiti build-up on the face brick underpass posed a visual nuisance. Moreover, the maintenance and clearing of drains were crucial to ensuring a clean and safe environment for both customers and retailers.

How did we approach it?

To develop the most effective cleaning solutions, APT undertook a meticulous one-hour assessment of the shopping centre. Our experienced technicians and UPVC cladding cleaners performed trials using product samples in each area to identify the most suitable chemical and application method to achieve optimum performance. The proposed action plan included specialised industrial and high-level cleaning techniques.

When we conduct any commercial cleaning project, we always rely on the expertise of our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals. APT have been manufacturing and supplying industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals to organisations nationwide for over 30 years. Our cleaning chemicals are super-concentrated, eco-friendly and safe to use on surfaces, without causing damage to the surface materials. They were perfect for use on this UPVC cladding cleaner project.

For the overall upvc cladding cleaner process, we utilised water-based, degreasing, biodegradable, and non-classified chemicals to effectively address the UPVC cladding, removing stubborn dirt, traffic film, and algae. To tackle graffiti, a solvent-based (irritant only) gel was expertly applied. APT’s Graffiti Removal Gel is the solution that enabled us to eradicate graffiti without causing damage to the underlying surfaces. Our team followed a systematic cleaning method, including applying the appropriate chemicals, agitating the surfaces, and employing high-pressure washers for a thorough clean.

What was the solution?

APT’s tailored cleaning approach proved highly effective, successfully restoring the UPVC cladding to its original condition. The unsightly traffic film build-up was eradicated, leaving the surfaces gleaming and enhancing the shopping centre’s aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the mold and algae build-up were completely removed, restoring the cleanliness of the public mall areas.

Graffiti removal proved equally impressive, as our specialists diligently eliminated all graffiti without leaving a trace. This accomplishment not only enhanced the overall appearance of the shopping centre but also mitigated potential safety hazards, making it a more welcoming environment for both customers and retailers.

The cleaning process also included a comprehensive drain maintenance and clearing initiative. Our team ensured that drains were free from debris and blockages, preventing potential flooding or sanitation issues within the shopping centre. This proactive approach contributed to a clean and safe environment, fostering a positive experience for all visitors.

What was the outcome?

The transformative outcome of APT’s cleaning project was evident throughout Gwent Shopping Centre. The rejuvenated UPVC cladding and pristine public mall areas reflected a significant improvement in overall cleanliness and aesthetics. Customers and retailers alike were delighted with the revitalized environment, contributing to increased foot traffic and improved customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the effective graffiti removal efforts significantly enhanced the shopping centre’s visual appeal, demonstrating a proactive stance against vandalism and maintaining a positive image within the community. By addressing the drain maintenance, APT ensured the prevention of potential flooding or sanitation issues, establishing a safe and hygienic environment for everyone.

As a testament to the outstanding results achieved, Gwent Shopping Centre received the prestigious Wales in Bloom award for the Best Shopping Centre in Blaenau Gwent. This accolade not only recognized the centre’s commitment to cleanliness and maintenance but also acknowledged the expertise and dedication of APT in providing top-tier cleaning solutions.

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