Price Match Promise: Get Affordable Super Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals for Your Business

At APT, we understand the importance of using the right cleaning products for your needs. That’s why we have been offering a price match promise to our customers for years.

Our sister company have been manufacturing super-concentrated cleaning products that are designed to be diluted at the point of use, which means you get more cleaning power for your money. We have been producing products in our Wales factory for over 30 years. Some of our clients include, NHS, BMW, Modern Milkman & more.

Advantages of Super Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals

Super-concentrated cleaning chemicals have a number of advantages over traditional cleaning products. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose them:


Super-concentrated cleaning chemicals are highly cost-effective because they are designed to provide powerful cleaning results using very little product. Unlike traditional cleaning chemicals that come pre-diluted, concentrated products can be diluted as needed, which means that you can use the exact amount of product required for each cleaning task.

This not only saves you money in the long run but also helps to reduce the amount of waste generated from packaging and transportation. Concentrated products are also easier to store and transport, which can help to reduce the overall cost of shipping and handling. Moreover, concentrated cleaning chemicals can be used for multiple cleaning tasks, which makes them even more cost-effective. With a single product, you can clean a wide range of surfaces and materials, from floors and carpets to walls and windows.

This means you don’t have to spend money on different cleaning products for each task, which can add up over time. By using super-concentrated cleaning chemicals, you can get more cleaning power for your money, reduce waste, and save time and effort.

Environmentally Friendly

Super-concentrated cleaning chemicals are also environmentally friendly because they reduce waste and help to conserve natural resources. Since concentrated products require less packaging and transportation, they produce less waste and consume less energy. Moreover, many concentrated cleaning chemicals are formulated to be biodegradable and non-toxic, which means they don’t harm the environment or contribute to pollution.

By choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products, you can help to reduce your environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and protect the health and well-being of people and animals alike. Super-concentrated cleaning chemicals are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safer alternative to traditional cleaning products. By using concentrated products, you can get more cleaning power for your money, reduce waste, and protect the environment and human health.

At APT, we offer a wide range of super-concentrated cleaning chemicals that are designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Whether you need to clean floors, walls, or windows, we have the right product for you. So why not try our super-concentrated cleaning chemicals today and experience the benefits for yourself?


In addition to being safer for people and the environment, super-concentrated cleaning chemicals are also safer for your equipment. Because these products are highly effective at removing dirt and grime, they require less physical scrubbing, which means your equipment will experience less wear and tear. This can save you money in the long run by extending the lifespan of your cleaning equipment and reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Another benefit of using super-concentrated cleaning chemicals is that they often come in smaller, more convenient packaging. This makes them easier to store and transport, which can be particularly important for businesses that need to clean multiple locations. Overall, choosing super-concentrated cleaning chemicals is a smart choice for anyone who wants to save money, protect the environment, and keep their equipment and surfaces looking their best.

APT’s Price Match Promise

At APT, we believe that our super-concentrated cleaning products are the best on the market. That’s why we offer a price match promise to our customers. We guarantee that our prices will be lower than your average consumer, and if you find a lower price, we’ll match it.

In addition to our price match promise, we also offer fast delivery within 3 days, and we guarantee that all of our products are bio-friendly and of the highest quality. Our products are trusted by businesses and organisations throughout the UK, and we are an accredited UK manufacturer and supplier of professional cleaning products.

If you’re experiencing continual price increases or supply issues with your current cleaning products, it’s time to switch to APT. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the quality and cost-effectiveness of our super-concentrated cleaning chemicals.

We are an accredited, trusted UK manufacturer and supplier of professional cleaning products and we guarantee to:

  • Fix our prices for 6 months
  • Delivery within 3 days
  • Genuinely bio-friendly high-quality formulations

Why Wait?

In conclusion, APT’s super-concentrated cleaning products provide an excellent value for money and guarantee exceptional cleaning results. We understand the challenges of supply and cost issues and are committed to providing our customers with a price match guarantee for six months, fast delivery within three days, and eco-friendly, high-quality formulations.

So why settle for expensive and less effective cleaning solutions when you can have the best with APT? Contact us today to place your order and experience the difference for yourself. Contact us today. We’ll be able to advise you on the best products for your business and we’ll no doubt cut the cost of what you’re already buying.