We can imagine that the most prominent news reports in your area are featuring the devastation caused by Storm Dennis – the effects of such storms have been so prevalent throughout the UK. The West Midlands and Wales have been ferociously hit with severe storms and flooding, causing significant disruption to people’s lives and livelihoods, something that we imagine is greatly concerning.

Storm Dennis has been continuing to cause widespread damage throughout the UK. There have been more than two-hundred flood warnings put in place, including nine severe warnings or ‘danger to life’ announcements in the West Midlands and Wales. Travel has been severely disrupted. Flooded train tracks and blockages, along with torrential rain and strong winds resulting in road closures, thus, significant delays.

The Environment Agency have noted over 480 properties have been subject to severe flooding, causing real damage to people’s homes and belongings. In the West Midlands and Wales alone, over 250 properties have been flooded and residents have been evacuated from their homes.

Not only has Storm Dennis affected residential buildings and people’s homes, it has been affecting other properties alike. Offices have been closed to ensure the safety of their staff members and clients. Schools have been put on standby since their facilities have faced the brutal effects of flooding and to ensure students and employees safety.

What should I do now?

We understand that a great percentage of people in the UK are faced with the many questions at the moment, some of which could be: “what do I do now?”, ‘how do I cope with the flood damage at home?’ and ‘how do I tackle flood damage to my car?’ when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of flooding and storms. Emergency services are on hand to assist with immediate effects of flooding when danger to life is a concern.

Response teams are tirelessly working around the clock to ensure people are rescued from some of the most severely flooded areas, evacuating them from their homes and business premises alike. Ensuring the safety of individuals is essential in such times of crisis when flooding warnings are so prevalent.

Emergency Response

We understand that Storm Dennis has caused huge concerns for individuals and families throughout the whole of the UK. Emergency responses at this stage are required for flood damage recovery and for flood damage mitigation.

In the last few days, APT have been called out on several emergency response projects to help reduce the damage that the floods have caused. As a water damage restoration company, our most recent job has required us to reduce the flood damage and provide flooding clean-up at a hospital in Wales. Alongside this, as commercial property cleaning experts, we have begun providing restoration for the various surfaces throughout the hospital to allow it to becoming functioning once again. We have been called to a number of car garages who have found themselves to be totally flooded, cars seeped with water and the sites to be severely damaged. Our specialist teams have been sent in to reduce the flood-damage and to begin putting the garages back to their original state to ensure no loss to business.

Property Cleaning

At APT, we are familiar with offering tailored property cleaning and maintenance solutions for our clients, working with some of the largest property management companies and housing associations throughout the UK. Our teams are fully-equipped to provide emergency response property cleaning services and property maintenance, especially when flood damage is prevalent.

Our 30 years’ experience has led us to develop specific processes suitable for dealing with flood damage to residential properties and other buildings alike. Storm Dennis is continuing to cause significant devastation to properties and we are here to assist with your needs. Whether it be to help remove the water from your property, provide protective flood defences, remove debris, along with being able to offer solutions to assisting with the after-flood clean-up. For instance, we have worked on projects to remove people’s furniture and provide evacuation assistance.

What should I do next?

If you’re in need of immediate assistance to cope with flooding and lives are at risk, then please call the emergency services to assist you. If there is no immediate danger to life, then please take the opportunity to reach out to APT as we can alleviate some of the concerns that come with such damages. For us to understand the nature of the concern and tailor our solutions to help you in mitigating the damage to your property or any surface, please give us a call on 0800 0723 773.