The severe weather of late has led to huge problems across the country. Storm Brendan brings rain and 80mph gusts of wind. Flood defences have been put in place all along the UK coastline where weather is the most extreme. Storm Brendan has created the highest tides in years, causing real concern for residents.

The stormy weather conditions have been causing significant disruption throughout the UK. Flights have been diverted, roads have been closed off, residential properties have lost power and, people have been stuck in cars due to flooding. It was published that a school in South Wales was tremendously by the storm in which it’s roof was completely taken off the top by the winds.

The Environment Agency have released over 25 flood warnings and 165 flood alerts since yesterday, coastal areas are at the forefront of the problem, with the rest of the UK land being affected by severely wet weather and gusts. The last few days, it’s been noted that over 1,000 properties in Wales alone have been left without power.

As a business, we understand that severe weather can have a significant impact on people’s usual life, their homes and businesses. Extreme weather is one of the main concerns for causing harm and distress to buildings around the country, especially during the winter months. Dirt and grime can build up continually on the surface of property. The effects of weathering and pollutants can be concerning when keeping a building looking its best, both internally and externally.

Often, when situations like Storm Brendan occur, the need for emergency clean-up is essential. We have 30 years’ experience providing specialist building cleaning, encompassing emergency cleaning works. We are dedicated to provide innovative, cost-effective cleaning and restoration solutions nationwide.

Although some businesses may feel the temptation to leave their building cleaning for years to save costs, it is not sustainable as properties accumulate dirt particles from air pollution, algae, lichen, bird-foul, especially during hazardous weather like Storm Brendan. Leaving properties in a poor state gives a poor impression to clients, suppliers and staff, the contamination can damage the building, increasingly depreciating the building.

Sending out your own staff members with tools and cleaning equipment is not sufficient to mask the problems often caused by extreme weather. Simply blasting off the areas that look untidy will do more damage to the building than leaving it to deteriorate naturally. The pressure caused to the surface materials removes parts of the surface, causing it to be weaker, creating significant damage. This leaves the building more vulnerable to further damage until repairs are made. Our expertly trained technicians carry out a full site-survey to understand the building cleaning project and tailor our cleaning methods to suit. Once we have discussed the project, we take all pressure off your hands. Our 30 years providing cleaning chemicals ensure we’ll find the most suitable ones, hiring the right equipment and keeping in line with safety requirements is paramount.

Our expertise extends to:

Since we’re extremely familiar with carrying out specific building cleaning needs, especially after Storm Brendan, we are confident that we can assist you in your needs for dealing with the aftermath of Storm Brendan. We would be keen to understand your long-term maintenance plans and assist on those too. For more information, take a look at our Site Services website and enquire with us.

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