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For 30 years, we have been helping industrial and commercial businesses safeguard their facilities against infection, viruses and disease. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had supported hundreds of businesses across the UK, providing them with expert knowledge to keep their teams safe at work. With our consultant chemists, we have put together this Guide to Safe Working which we hope helps keep illness at bay and your business running. 

Risk Assessment Check List

As part of our Safe Work Guide, here is our recommended risk assessment checklist that we provide to clients in the first instance before an infection hits.

  • Identify where the greatest risk and potential of this problem is in entering and spreading in the workplace
  • Introduce a safe work – best working practice policy to keep cross contamination risk to a minimum. Ask your staff for their input to reach a general acceptable policy, this will encourage awareness and will help with implementation
  • Instruct a dedicated person to manage and monitor the safe work plan
  • Review and tighten up your cleaning policies and procedures, work closely with your cleaning teams so that your safe workplace expectations are met
  • Have discussions with the cleaning operatives or contractors to enforce a more stringent or additional cleaning process for the short term
  • Closely monitor and arrange regular feedback to discover if any other improvements can be made to your safe work policies
  • Ensure your cleaning company are using and applying suitable products that contain effective and proven bactericidal ingredients to clean and sanitise all vulnerable surfaces. Products to tackle infection should be ISO registered and safe to use on all surfaces.
  • Erect signs in strategic locations, reminding your employees of the seriousness of Swine Flu/advising them of more stringent hygiene policy/the need to wash their hands before returning to work
  • In the event of a full-blown outbreak temporary policies firms could adopt include, banning non-essential meetings and work from home schemes to promote a safe work environment
  • Others measures include distributing hand wipes for telephones to reduce the risk of spreading the virus through handsets clean surfaces frequently
  • Wearing a face mask may encourage complacency, your people must focus on good hygiene to create and foster a safe workplace
  • Should an employee have a cold or flu virus, request that they take leave and obtain immediate attention
  • Be aware that some people have lower immune systems and are more susceptible to catching viruses

Insist that everyone be more aware of his or her personal hygiene by:

In any organisation, personal hygiene should be a priority, not only for the individual themselves, but those surrounding them. Our safe work guide promotes personal hygiene and you could include policies if required to combat this issue.

  • Ensuring everyone washes their hands regularly with an effective sanitising solution – Steri Gel
  • Always carrying tissues
  • Using tissues to cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze
  • Binning the tissues as soon as possible

Our Safe Workplace Suggested Actions

Our safe work suggested action points should be implemented from the top down, good examples lead to good actions in our books. We have worked with many businesses to promote a cleaner and safe workplace, no matter the industry. Keeping your workplace clean encompasses everyone and it is for everyones enjoyment, so implementing these simple safe workplace strategies will help.

Front Line Staff
Always keep personal portable packs 500ml of Steri Gel in vehicles and special personalised 65ml belt pack with you when visiting clients.

Offices & Communal Areas
Spray Germ Tec regularly around the office, every 2 hours to kill airborne bacteria. We recommend Ultimate AX sanatising spray on to a cloth and wipe over common office. Appliances such as telephones, computer keyboards and door handles etc for longer term protection.

At least twice per day use VIROKILL with its triple biocide action (dilute 100 to 1) to clean and sanitize all kitchen surfaces, appliances and handles.

At least twice per day use Dekon 50 or Bi-Active to clean and disinfect all bathroom and washroom surfaces including handles.

General Work & Production Areas
At least twice per day use VIROKILL or Sani Wipes with its triple biocide action (dilute 100-1) to clean and sanitize all water safe surfaces, door handles, work surfaces & appliances.

Transport and Work Vehicles
Regularly throughout the day use Dekon 50 or VIROKILL to clean and disinfect all surfaces including handles and fabrics. Spray into the air and onto surfaces to kill air borne bacteria.

Constantly carry and use Steri-Gel.

Key Infection Control Product List

Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals have been manufacturing eco-friendly, virus fighting products for over 30 years. Our consultant chemists & product technicians ensure that products are compliant with British Standards and ensure you’re being sold products that do the job. These days there are too many products that are ineffective and will not work. Our expert consulting team are on hand to provide specialist advice that will work for your facility. We do this day in and day our for our customers so get in touch and we can support you.

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Safe Work - A Practical Guide To Reduce Risk Of Infection In The Workplace