Client – Local Business in South Wales
Project – Roof Cleaners & Algae Removal

What did the client need?

Our client was undertaking a comprehensive building refurbishment project in Wales, and roof cleaning was an essential part of this extensive renovation. The condition of the roof had deteriorated over the years due to the harsh weather conditions and the accumulation of debris, algae, and moss. To ensure the success of their refurbishment and improve the overall appearance and functionality of the building, they needed a thorough roof cleaning and algae removal service by expert roof cleaners.

How did we approach it?

To tackle this substantial roof cleaning project effectively, our expert roof cleaners initiated a site meeting with the client to discuss the cleaning requirements in detail. The project encompassed the cleaning of several different roofs, each with its unique challenges and specifications. We understood the importance of minimising disruption during the cleaning process, so we carefully planned the roof cleaners project to ensure it met the required deadlines without causing inconvenience.

Roof 1: The cleaning of this roof required special attention due to its extensive algae and moss growth.

Roof 2: This roof had significant debris buildup, particularly in its gutters and valleys.

Roof 3: The client requested thorough algae and moss spore treatment for long-term protection.

Roof 4: Our team was tasked with clearing out overgrowth from gutters and valleys, ensuring proper water drainage.

We ensured that the roof cleaning was conducted in a systematic manner, breaking down the project into manageable sections to maintain efficiency while minimising disruption to the client’s operations.

What was the solution?

To execute this challenging roof cleaning project, we employed a combination of cutting-edge roof cleaners equipment and specialised roof cleaning chemicals. Our primary goal was to restore the roofs to their optimal condition while ensuring the safety of our team and the client’s property.

Equipment Used:

Jetting Equipment: High-pressure jetting equipment was utilized to dislodge stubborn debris and buildup from the roof surfaces.

Steamers: Steamers were employed to loosen debris and contaminants, making it easier to remove them.

Lances and Scrapers: These tools were essential for precise cleaning and removal of debris and algae.

Access to the roofs was provided through scaffolding, which was arranged by the client to ensure our team could work safely and effectively.

Roof Cleaning Chemicals:

For the cleaning process, we utiliaed our specially formulated biocide roof cleaner, Algae-free. This powerful roof cleaning chemical is designed to effectively eradicate algae and moss growth, ensuring long-term protection for the cleaned surfaces. As part of our commitment to using the most suitable products for each job, we consulted with chemical technicians from our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals, to ensure the proper selection of cleaning agents.

Additionally, we cleared out any overgrowth from gutters and valleys to prevent future issues and to ensure proper water flow and drainage from the roofs.

What was the outcome?

Upon the successful completion of the roof cleaning and algae removal project, we handed the revitalised roofs back to our satisfied client. The roofs had been transformed from their previously deteriorated state, with debris, algae, and moss buildup, into clean and aesthetically pleasing surfaces by specialised roof cleaners. The thorough cleaning not only improved the building’s appearance but also enhanced its functionality and longevity.

Our client was pleased with the results and appreciated the expertise and dedication demonstrated by our team throughout the project. The successful completion of this roof cleaning and algae removal project showcased our commitment to delivering high-quality cleaning services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Work with us

If you require professional roof cleaning services to restore the cleanliness and integrity of your building’s roof, look no further. APT specializes in roof cleaning, using advanced equipment and effective roof cleaning chemicals to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss your roof cleaning needs and let us help you maintain a clean and functional roof that enhances the overall condition of your property.

In conclusion, our comprehensive roof cleaning and algae removal project in South Wales exemplify our commitment to providing top-notch cleaning services for our clients. We take pride in rejuvenating roofs and restoring their functionality while ensuring long-term protection against algae and moss growth.