Client – Manufacturer in Northampton 
Project – Machinery CleaningIndustrial Cleaning – Removing Powder Coat from Aluminium

What did the client need?

The client approached APT with a unique challenge – removing powder coat of aluminium from a set of shields without causing any damage to the underlying surface. This removing powder coat was a specific requirement, and the client wanted the job to be completed at APT’s facilities. The client had trust in APT’s expertise in various cleaning and restoration tasks and believed that they were the right team to tackle this intricate powder coat stripper project.

How did we approach it?

To address the client’s specialised powder coat remover request, a meticulous approach was essential. The first step of the powder coat stripper task involved coordinating with the client to deliver the aluminium shields directly to APT’s warehouse. Once the shields arrived, a thorough inspection was carried out to assess their condition and the extent of the aluminum powder coating that needed to be removed.

To ensure the safe and secure execution of the cleaning and powder coat stripper process, APT set up designated work areas within the warehouse. These areas were equipped with all the necessary safety measures, including poly sheeting covers to protect the client’s equipment, if needed. The blasting equipment, vital for the cleaning process, was positioned in a secure location within the warehouse.

What was the solution?

The chosen solution to tackle this unique challenge was a gentle and precise method known as Soda blasting. This eco-friendly and specialist cleaning method was selected to effectively remove the aluminium coating while preserving the integrity of the shields. Given the variation in sizes and intricacies of the shields, both the front and back surfaces needed attention to ensure complete removal of the coating.

Throughout the cleaning and removing powder coat process, great care was taken to avoid any damage to the shields themselves. A delicate touch was applied to ensure that the cleaning was thorough yet gentle. The result was the successful removal of the aluminum coating without any harm to the underlying shield material.

Once the cleaning and removing powder coat was completed, the waste generated during the process was carefully removed and managed according to environmental regulations. The cleaned shields were then palletised, prepared for collection, and arranged for the client to retrieve.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of this unique project was nothing short of excellent. APT’s team successfully completed the removing of powder coat task not just once but three times, emphasising their competence and expertise in handling specialised cleaning and restoration requirements. The client was highly satisfied with the results and the ability of APT to meet their precise needs.

In fact, the client was so pleased with APT’s performance that they expressed interest in exploring further opportunities for collaboration. Specifically, they asked APT to evaluate the possibility of applying the same meticulous approach to clean their jigs – an indication of their trust in APT’s capabilities and dedication to finding effective solutions to their challenges.

It’s important to note that this project involved sensitive information, and APT had to respect the client’s confidentiality requirements by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). As a result, specific details and photos of the project could not be disclosed.

Work with us

This case study highlights APT’s ability to address unique and intricate cleaning challenges with precision and expertise. The successful removal of aluminum coating from the shields, preserving their integrity, and the client’s satisfaction with the results underline APT’s commitment to delivering exceptional cleaning and restoration services. With a track record of excellence and the capacity to handle complex projects, APT continues to be a trusted partner for clients seeking reliable solutions to their cleaning needs. Contact us today if you’re seeking removing powder coats!

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