To ensure that everything remains in working order and lowers the chance of a fire, it’s important that you have your kitchen ducts, filters and plenums cleaned regularly, whether you choose to have the service as part of a deep clean or on its own.

Here at APT ICC Ltd we can be flexible to suit your needs and offer a professional and reliable service. Our kitchen canopy cleaning service complies with B&ES / HVCAs TR/19 standards and includes a full grease extract service which is carried out to ensure compliance with the insurance policy. We will take care of everything from the external fans to the extraction systems, and we will gladly replace old filters.

We have experience working on a range of jobs both small and large and work to standards that are accepted by all major insurers. Our team is highly skilled in kitchen duct cleaning and we follow a strict process to ensure the job is completed to industry standards. If you’d like to find out more about our kitchen duct cleaning services or to find out more about the current industry standards, take a look around our website today.