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Maintaining a clean warehouse and organised premises is one of the largest struggles of being an operator of an industrial warehouse. As an industrial cleaning services provider and having worked with industrial warehouses and factories across the UK, we understand the challenges associated with  cleaning warehouses and maintenance. We have been providing services for cleaning warehouses for over 30 years.

It’s essential that organisations put the importance of a clean warehouse at the forefront of their operations to ensure that your factory and warehouse gives off the best first impression to visitors and clients.

To assist your business, we have put together this step-by-step guide, including everything you need to know to keep the machinery in your production line clean and in perfect working order and the aisles and working areas of your warehouse free of debris, with minimum effort. Here’s our step-by-step guide explaining our process of cleaning warehouses and other industrial facilities, including some steps you could implement from today.

The Prep – Before Cleaning Warehouses & Industrial Facilities

It’s essential that we prepare the area that needs to be cleaned beforehand, including removing any vehicles, forklifts and trucks in advance. Alongside this, it could be useful to remove all and any delicate items or cover them up with protective wrapping to avoid accidental damage. It might be worthwhile looking for any obvious obstructions that could be hazardous when cleaning too.

Preliminary Warehouse Cleaning

Prior to any deep cleaning that is due to take place, it is worthwhile removing any large spots of dirt of debris. As a result of this, it can make the subsequent task much easier and cut down the time it takes to carry out the clean overall. We recommend using large brooms to sweep up materials, or using an industrial vacuum to remove debris, disposing of it correctly and to prevent dust in the air too.

Many of our clients do not have the time, resources, staff or equipment to carry out preliminary cleaning warehouses, so this is something we often factor into our cleaning warehouse quotation.

The Clean – Expert Industrial Cleaning

It’s paramount to start at the top when it comes to completing an industrial clean, including cleaning warehouses. The reason behind this is that all debris will naturally fall downwards to the lower levels. This approach will prevent us having to sweep and clean the floors twice and wasting time.

Some areas we often address are:

  • The tops of pallets and pallet racks
  • Upper windows and frames
  • Heating and / or cooling ducts

Our team are accredited (by IRATA & IPAF) to provide high level cleaning and we often use telescopic cleaning attachments can be used along with accordion lifts to access otherwise difficult areas.

Our Top-Down Cleaning Method

When carrying out factory and industrial cleaning, we always work from the top down and ensure that all surfaces are cleaned in that manner, primarily to ensure us not having to double work. It can be essential to use different types of lifts to ensure that your warehouse is cleaned properly. If any industrial painting is required as part of the quotation, we often fulfil this after the floor has been cleaned to ensure that not debris or dust causes problems for the paint.

We often use modern industrial floor cleaners to remove ingrained dirt and stains. They work well alongside our professionally manufactured floor cleaning chemicals that have been designed specifically to remove the toughest stains and debris from all types of floor.

Always on brief 

As it’s nearing the end of the cleaning session, we make it a priority to ensure that we review the checklist and quotation with the site manager or individual in charge. We find that this approach leads to happy customers, whilst it also gives us the opportunity to explain the steps we have taken to clean your facility.

Cleaning an industrial warehouse does not have to represent an impossible task. It’s something our technicians do day in day out and following these steps to ensure your facility is well maintained is essential.

Cleaning Warehouses – Why Use APT?

Our cleaning warehouses and factory cleaning services are suitable for all types of facilities, no matter the size or scale, this can include food production factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, manufacturing premises and commercial spaces. We carry out services from high level cleaning of machinery, production lines and staff offices.

Safe with the knowledge of our 30 years’ experience and equipped with specialist industrial cleaning equipment to carry out professional factory cleaning services, our hygiene experts can help you maintain clean and hygienic industrial premises.

We operate nationwide, with an emergency call out for specialist cleaning services, offering a comprehensive range of industrial factory cleaning. We help your business remain compliant with safety regulations and prepare for audits, ensuring that your factory remains a clean and hygienic environment for your employees, without disrupting your business operations to reduce downtime.

What to Expect From Our Specialist Factory Cleaning Service?

As part of our free on-site survey our specialist hygiene consultants will discuss your factory cleaning requirements and develop a tailored factory cleaning solution.

Our customers are supported by a network of professional cleaning technicians, with purpose-built factory cleaning equipment and qualified expertise, to help you ensure that regulatory standards are met, and audits are passed. We carry out our factory cleaning service at a time convenient to you to reduce production downtime and cater to all cleaning warehouse and factory environments offering emergency one-off cleaning solutions, as well as periodic regular cleaning based on your business needs.

Are you looking for specialist factory cleaners to clean your premises? Contact our team to find out more and to arrange a free on-site survey.

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