Making The Right Impression to your customers with your building

Making the right impression on your customers is essential if you want to create the right ambiance, put them at ease and introduce a relaxed mindset that will make them more receptive to what you have to say.

The sales experience begins in the car park… if it is tatty with potholes and weeds, it immediately suggests neglect and a lack of care, so most companies ensure that it is regularly maintained. Similarly, the building’s exterior helps to set the scene too – if your cladding needs cleaning, it will immediately generate negative feelings in the subconscious mind, making the potential customer more wary of purchasing. It is quite easy for a business to overlook this simple sales trick.

From the 1970s, industrial and retail buildings on industrial estates have, by and large, been constructed using exterior metal cladding. This is a cheap way of quickly rendering a large steel framed building waterproof. Cladding, when first fitted, can look good, however, over time, it will gather grime, moss and algae will develop in areas that are often damp and the ultraviolet rays from sunlight will dull and damage the paint or plastic coating of the cladding surface.

DIY Cladding Cleaning

Some companies have tried cleaning the cladding of their industrial unit themselves but are totally unaware of the potential damage that they are doing without the expert knowledge, without the correct equipment and without the correct techniques. The damage that can be done is not immediately apparent but 6 -12 months down the line, they start to pay the price as the cladding coating deteriorates and allows the weather, moss and algae to damage the metal underneath. No cladding will last forever but, if you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, it will ensure that it does reach its expected lifespan.

Professional Cladding Cleaning

Here at APT, we have the experience, knowledge and right equipment for efficient and sympathetic cladding cleaning. Instead of blasting the surface as hard as we can with a high-pressure washer, we will use specialist low pressure high steam machines and soft blast cleaning systems. These use a either just low water pressure ultra-high steam cleaners with heat up to 130 degrees.

Our operatives are fully trained and know exactly when which type of cleaning process is required and suitable to leave your cladding surface coating intact and free of grime, with your cladding remaining undamaged!

For algae and moss removal, untrained and inexperienced cleaners will resort to harsh chemical methods. On surfaces such as metal sheet cladding, low pressure steam cleaning is by far the best method and is safer for the environment and the operator too. The high temperature of the steam means that the cleaning is fast acting and will dry quickly. Re-colonisation is inevitable but steam cleaning kills off any spores which means a longer period before regrowth occurs without the need for chemical inhibitors however, we always advise that you seek professional advice.

We clean all types of cladding surfaces including coated aluminium, steel weather board panels and timber cladding.

Who needs APT Cladding Cleaning Services?

We provide our commercial cleaning services to new and older buildings; retail shopping centres, distribution centres, supermarkets, office blocks, apartment blocks, service stations, warehouse, industrial and sports stadiums.

Cladding Inspection and Repair

Any cladding cleaning company worth their salt will also inspect and spot early warning signs of cladding issues and alert you. We are no exception and have a team who carry out both small scale and larger repairs to neglected and damaged cladding.

Dilapidations and Cladding Cleaning

At the end of a commercial building lease it is a requirement that the tenant returns the building to the landlord in a good state of repair. If the cladding has not received regular professional cleaning it is quite probable that it will have deteriorated significantly and require repair. Professional cleaning on a regular basis will help to protect you against what could be a very expensive end to your tenancy, be careful.

So, if it’s a while since your premises had a cladding clean, talk to us on 0800 0723 773 NOW to make sure that when your customers reach your sales team they are ready to buy!