High Level cleaning and maintenance is an area which quite a few cleaning firms in Swansea choose to forgo, as they lack the properly licensed workforce to complete this type of work.

It is essential that individuals with no expertise in this type of work should not attempt it due to the potential dangers involved. Expert firms that do offer higher level cleaning will be very skilled and qualified so they are able to carry out the work to the very best standard possible within basic safety legislation.

Legal Requirements

A number of major industries will require higher level cleaning solutions to maintain the appearance and to satisfy legislative requirements. For example, just about all high level structures within a food manufacturing environment require some sort of routine maintenance cleaning to remove potential infection, dust particles, infestation or just to achieve a clean look and feel.

High level cleaning ought to always be carried by trained and experienced operatives that know about many of the likely risks, as well as potential danger to themselves, your employees, machines and products. All operatives should be qualified to meet business specifications including IPAF, IRATA CNnCS and CSCS.

Requirements will differ from one location or environment to another; even so the ojbective is always to have a process that will maintain overheads and keep high level buildings in a condition where debris and residues do not build-up, and toxins or infestations do not occur.

Time lines can be  set up by your management team to plan this essential work in order to avoid production lines being interrupted for example.

Regardless of whether your cleaning requirements include using hydraulic lifts, scaffold systems, or specialist step ladder systems, specialised cleaners should have the skills and  know-how that could help save hundreds of pounds in the long-term.

Specialist Expertise

An organisation that’s experienced in high level cleaning can regularly clean up different types of surface which are several storeys high without cherry pickers and scissor lifts but with the aid of high-pressured water jets or cleaning poles. Washing using cleaning poles overcomes virtually any potential dangerous practices that could affect your staff or the local community.

One particular local business that can help with higher level cleaning for your business building in Swansea is APT-ICC. We have the professional competence coupled with all of the important equipment needed to deal with numerous high level cleaning tasks in any kind of business environment. Our operatives are trained to the highest sector specifications, providing solutions for cleaning cladding, facia and soffit surfaces, graffiti removal, window washing, guttering and foliage clearance, roof cleanups, moss and algae removal… in brief, every aspect of your high level cleaning needs.

For more details, contact APT–ICC today on 01495 308048, 0800 0723 773 or visit our website at www.apt-icc.co.uk.