Client - fit out UK
Client – Fit Out UK & Argos
Project – Commercial Restoration Services

What did the client need?

Fit Out UK is a renowned company specialising in commercial fit-out and refurbishment projects. With their expertise in transforming commercial spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments, they have established a strong reputation in the industry. One of their valued clients is Argos Port Talbot, a well-known retail brand with high standards for their store appearance and customer experience.

Argos Port Talbot approached Fit Out UK with a specific requirement for their commercial restoration project. Fit Out Uk then reached out to us at APT to assist with their commercial restoration services & cleaning project as it was outside of their usual remit. After a re-fit, the sales floor needed a thorough restoration to ensure a pristine and inviting environment. This included tasks such as buffing the sales floor, cleaning behind the tills, and restoring the windows and frames. The goal was to achieve a sparkling clean and visually appealing space in preparation for the store’s grand reopening.

How did we approach it?

To address Argos Port Talbot’s needs, we took a proactive and client-centric approach for commercial restoration services. We engaged in detailed discussions with the client to gain a thorough understanding of their specific requirements and the desired outcome for the commercial restoration services project. By listening attentively and collaborating closely, we aimed to ensure that every aspect of the client’s vision was fully understood.

During these discussions, we actively encouraged the client to express their expectations and aspirations for the store’s appearance. We took the time to carefully listen to their concerns, preferences, and any specific areas they wanted to highlight. This allowed us to establish a strong foundation of communication and trust, ensuring that their unique needs would be met throughout the restoration process.

Through open dialogue, we delved into the finer details of the project. We discussed aspects such as the desired level of cleanliness, the preferred aesthetic appearance, and any specific challenges that needed to be addressed. This collaborative approach enabled us to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s expectations and ensure that our solutions aligned perfectly with their vision.

With a deep understanding of Argos Port Talbot’s requirements, we formulated an effective plan to bring the store up to specification. We utilized our expertise in commercial restoration and extensive industry knowledge to create a tailored approach that addressed every aspect of the project. This included meticulous planning, scheduling, and resource allocation to ensure a smooth and efficient execution.

Furthermore, we provided the client with detailed insights and recommendations based on our experience. We shared best practices and innovative solutions to enhance the store’s appearance, improve functionality, and create a welcoming environment for customers. This collaborative exchange of ideas fostered a strong partnership between us, Fit Out UK and Argos Port Talbot, leading to a shared commitment to achieving the desired outcome.

What was the solution?

Based on our discussions and understanding of the commercial restoration services project, it was agreed that our team would conduct night shifts to clean and clear the affected areas. This approach allowed us to work efficiently without disrupting the store’s daily operations. We deployed a dedicated team of four crew members equipped with Ultraclean MB, our specialised cleaning solution known for its effectiveness in commercial restoration services.

Throughout the cleaning process, our skilled crew meticulously cleaned the sales floor, ensuring all surfaces were spotless. They paid special attention to cleaning behind the tills, where dust and debris often accumulate. Additionally, our team focused on restoring the windows and frames to their original condition, ensuring a pristine appearance that would impress customers.

What was the outcome?

Thanks to our efficient approach and diligent efforts, we successfully completed the commercial restoration project within a timely manner. The store was ready for its grand reopening as planned. Our dedicated night shifts and the expertise of our cleaning crew ensured a thorough and sparkling clean for the sales floor, tills, windows, and frames.

The client was pleased with the outcome of our services. They appreciated the attention to detail and the timely completion of the task. Our professionalism and commitment to quality commercial restoration services contributed to a successful project, enhancing the overall appearance of the store and creating a positive impression for both staff and customers.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Fit OUT UK and our expertise in commercial restoration services enabled us to meet the needs of Argos Port Talbot effectively. By providing a tailored solution, utilising specialised cleaning products, and working diligently, we ensured a clean and inviting environment for the store’s reopening.

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