Our Commercial Cleaners Guide to Industrial Plant & Factory Cleaning: Why it’s Important and How to Maintain a Clean and Safe Working Environment

APT have been providing commercial cleaning & industrial cleaning services to some of the UK’s largest organisations for over 30 years. Some of our well-known clients like Tata Steel, Amazon & Norma have used our commercial cleaners to ensure both safety and compliance in their production facilities.

Our team of specialist commercial cleaners always work around our client requirements. After an initial conversation regarding the commercial cleaner requirements, we start with providing a free on-site survey to assess your needs. Our teams are fully accredited to carry out a whole host of commercial cleaning tasks.

Our years of experience has taught us that maintaining a clean and organised commercial premises is one of the biggest struggles of the job. To help you, we’ve put together this guide containing everything you need to know to keep your factory or warehouse clean and free of debris. Our commercial cleaners have provided their own tips to help you keep your production line clean and in perfect working order, with the least effort whilst keeping costs at bay.

Why is Factory Cleaning Important?

Whether your factory is used for food production or as a warehouse storing specialist goods and supplies, no matter the size or scale, all factories have a duty to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout.

Industrial facilities and factories are busy working environments and the factory floor, specialist machinery, equipment and production lines, can become a breeding ground for dirt, grime and contaminants, which can build up if these areas that do not receive regular cleans. Specialist factory cleaning will help ensure that your employees work and operate machinery in a sanitised and safe environment and we can support you to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout, even when we’re not around.

Our expert commercial cleaners and product technicians provide a thorough deep clean of your factory based on your business requirements, from scheduled commercial factory cleaning services to responsive emergency factory cleaning. We also endeavour to give you the tools, knowledge and factory cleaning chemicals to maintain this yourselves. Working towards your specifications, we’ll do everything possible to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, allowing you to maintain revenue while work is carried out.

We will work with you to develop a deep clean process that mitigates disruption to your operations whilst achieving the desired result within your time frame and budget.

Our Factory Cleaning can include:

  • Emergency, one-off and contract factory cleaning
  • Oil and grease cleaning
  • Chemical & Oil Spill cleaning
  • Ventilation, ducting, refrigeration & air conditioning high-level cleaning
  • Window & skylight high-level cleaning
  • Factory machinery cleaning, part & assembly line cleaning
  • Commercial floor cleaning & factory floor cleaning services
  • External surface cleaning (including both brick and stone)
  • Staff washrooms and welfare facilities cleaning
  • Canteen & kitchen deep cleans

What to expect from APT’s Commercial Cleaners?

Factories and other industrial facilities are often the most challenging environments to keep clean and safe. As part of our commitment to ensuring a best-fit solution we offer a free site survey for all industrial factory cleans. Our surveys identify any problem areas, offer solutions and experience-based guidance.

The type of work you perform on your business premises will affect how often it needs to be cleaned and we will work closely with our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals to ensure the right products are used, depending on the service you provide.

The Two Key Benefits of a Clean, Organised Factory

Our expertise in commercial factory cleaning helps ensure that premises are safe and clean working environments and avoid insurances being invalidated or unnecessarily enforced closure of your premises due to health and safety regulation breeches. We understand that ensuring your factory is always clean and tidy required some effort and forward planning, we will work with you to achieve this as it can pay itself back time over.

Increased Productivity

Maintaining an organised working environment will make it easy for your staff to find the equipment and supplies they need, directly increasing productivity. Alongside this, maintaining a clean environment means that your staff are less likely to get ill. This indirectly boosts productivity as your employees appreciating dedicating company time and resources to ensuring their working environment is clean, safe, and efficient. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality and professional service with minimal disruption to your operations. Our commercial cleaners also offer training for your team on using the most suitable industrial factory cleaning products in the long term.

Compliance with Health & Safety Regulations

There are several health & safety regulations connected with factory cleaning to ensure that employers prioritise the safety of their staff at work by maintaining clean and clear workspaces and the factory floor is slip, hazard and obstruction free, whilst ensuring working spaces are of a good standard. Failing to comply with legislation can not only put your employee’s health in danger and damage machinery but can also lead to your business failing checks from the H&S inspector, which could lead to serious financial loss.

Our commercial cleaners recommend making the government guidance part of your regular factory, warehouse and commercial floor cleaning routine to comply with current regulations and ensuring your staff are always safe at work. Our specialist cleaning technicians have a wealth of industry experience in a variety of commercial factory cleaning solutions and have undergone specific training. They’re used to working to stringent health and safety standards and provide extensive risk assessments (including fire) beforehand.

Why choose APT as your Commercial Cleaners?

Our factory cleaning service is suitable for all types of facilities, no matter the size or scale, this can include food production factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, manufacturing premises and commercial spaces. We carry out services from high level cleaning of machinery, production lines and staff offices.

Safe with the knowledge of our 30 years’ experience and equipped with specialist industrial cleaning equipment to carry out professional factory cleaning services, our hygiene experts can help you maintain clean and hygienic industrial premises. Our commercial cleaners operate nationwide, with an emergency call out for specialist cleaning services. We provide a comprehensive range of industrial factory cleaning.

We help your business remain compliant with safety regulations and prepare for audits, ensuring that your factory remains a clean and hygienic environment for your employees, without disrupting your business operations to reduce downtime.

Are you looking for specialist factory cleaners to clean your premises? Contact our team to find out more and to arrange a free on-site survey.

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