Efficient Cleaning Equipment Maintenance and Chemical Solutions

In the manufacturing and supply industry, it is essential that plant and machinery runs at peak performance, with no downtime. Small amounts of disruption and downtime can be hugely costly. Fortunately, as management of plant and production facilities, you don’t have to let it progress past that point, if you take proper precautions regularly.

Addressing the wear and tear on plant and production equipment is paramount for any manufacturing operation, no matter the sector. At APT, we have been working with organisations for over 30 years, providing them with one-off, regular and, emergency plant machinery and equipment cleaning. Our priority is helping organisations in the manufacturing sector increase their productivity and ensure that their equipment is cleaned to ensure compliance with requirements. Our cleaning equipment maintenance tips will help your organisation run at a better rate and safely!

We work very closely with our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals who have been manufacturing and supplying industrial cleaning chemicals and commercial cleaning products for over 30 years. They regularly work with some of the largest UK organisations including, BAE Systems, Tata Steel & many others. Their cleaning equipment & cleaning chemicals are eco-friendly & super-concentrated to help you reduce your cleaning chemical stock, whilst increasing cleaning of equipment and cleanliness throughout.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the most effective methods of cleaning equipment and maintenance of your entire industrial facility to avoid expensive downtime and we’ll talk you through some of our highly recommended products that are suitable for each task.

Schedule Regular times for Machine Lubrication and Cleaning Equipment

Something that were find is often overlooked with clients is their equipment cleaning and ensuring adequate machine lubrication. Regular cleaning equipment and machine lubrication checks is paramount when machinery is the backbone of your facility’s capabilities. It’s important to survey your equipment for any signs of excess oil and grease build-up, check around pistons and look for leaks near oil seals. This will help you to diagnose problems with large machinery and equipment, any particles or contaminants you find will indicate which part is suffering from wear.

To preserve the condition of your machinery, regular cleaning machinery and scheduling machine lubrication as part of your routine in-house maintenance could be the best way to ensure that your machines and equipment stay running their most effective for longer.

For cleaning equipment:

Use pressure washers & water cannons

When it comes to cleaning equipment, pressure washers (high pressure jetting) and water cannons are ideal for cleaning equipment of grease, oil and grime. These harmful materials act as abrasives and friction agents, which can contribute to machinery issues if left unaddressed. This also makes it easier to find potential problems before they develop into serious complications. We usually recommend using an all-in-one cleaning product to assist with the removal of unwanted residues, no matter the surface. Some of the cleaning equipment products we recommend for use with pressure washers and water cannons are as below:

Industrial Degreaser – UltraMax 2020

Super-concentrated, ultra-versatile industrial degreaser that’s food safe. 5L of product will make over 1000L of cleaning solution.

  • Ideal Application: suitable to use on all surfaces and materials. This means you need just one product to clean all lathes, saws, compressors, motor casings, chassis, industrial floors, walls, air filter systems, extraction, processing plant, sound booths and conveyors.

Multipurpose Cleaner – Ultraclean MB

The best all-in-one highly concentrated cleaner and degreaser that’s suitable to use on all surfaces to kill 99.99% of all gram+ and gram- bacteria, viruses and germs.

  • Ideal Application: suitable for use on all surfaces and materials. Ultraclean MB NEW will remove: Blood, fats, oils, starches, heavy grease, ingrained dirt and grime.

Food Safe Hard Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser – Hi-Drocleanse

Highly concentrated, bactericidal surface sanitiser that’s fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly for cleaning equipment.

  • Ideal Application: suitable for use on all surfaces and materials, in all industries.
For proper lubrication, use our recommended products:
Fine Oil Lubricant – LFO

General purpose oil for all types of light applications that comes in a convenient aerosol can.

  • Ideal Application: small gears, telescopic instruments, tabletop machines, print machines and other light machinery.

Graphite Penetrating Oil Lubricant – Release No.1

Graphite penetrating fluid is used for the toughest rusted parts and seizures where added protection is required after release and where high temperatures are involved.

  • Ideal Application: removing engine blocks, heads, studs, bolts, plant hire servicing and all machine shop dismantling.

Penetrating Oil Fluid – PTFE Lubricant

Non-toxic, food safe, water-resistant synthetic lubrication for all types of machinery and applications.

  • Ideal Application: removing engine blocks, heads, studs, bolts, plant hire servicing and all machine shop dismantling.

PTFE Lubricating Spray – One Shot PTFE

New generation of scientifically designed dry lubricant for all moving machinery and parts of all types of materials.

  • Ideal Application: conveyors, rollers, roll out tables, finishing lines, metal sliding components, plastic and nylon sliding and moving components and, release mouldings.

White Grease Lubricant

Used for lubricating metal parts that may be subjected to varying temperatures and/or to water, perfect for penetrating inaccessible areas.

  • Ideal Application: tailgates, tail lifts, hinges, rollers, conveyors, couplings, linages and threads.

Monitor your facility

The software in manufacturing facilities, plants and factories have been hugely modernised of late to monitor moving parts within their facilities. Advanced programmes can track machine uptime, faults and functions, enabling professionals to work on equipment whilst they’re off-site. Most machines and equipment now have sensors which show the flow rates or sprays and air and pressure monitoring systems that can tell you when the filters need changing. Keeping this updated will ensure that your equipment and machinery lasts longer!

Keep Accurate Records of Cleaning Equipment & Maintenance

Accurate record-keeping is essential in all industries, whether using machinery or not. This will prove indispensable as you clean and maintain your equipment since you’ll know which areas you’ve already attended to and yet which you’ve left to address, allowing you to effectively allocate your time. Having well-kept, organise records will allow you to track components which need consistent monitoring and know when it’s time for your regular cleans.

We recommend that as part of your daily routine, surfaces, machinery and equipment as cleaned in line with the appropriate regulations and periodically you call a company like APT in to carry out a deep clean of the entire facility. We work around you to ensure that there is minimal downtime, and your business does not stop running when it’s required to be doing so.


Keeping an organised schedule is essential to clean and maintain your equipment. The alternative which we’re trying to avoid is downtime. Implementing the advice and products mentioned in this article shouldn’t require much more effort but could have a massively positive impact on your machinery and workplace in general.

APT can support your equipment cleaning & maintenance

In conclusion, maintaining and cleaning equipment is vital to ensuring optimal production efficiency in any manufacturing operation. By following our tips and using our eco-friendly chemical solutions, you can keep your machinery running smoothly and reduce the risk of costly downtime. Our on-site teams often leave organisations with a more productive facility and an ongoing maintenance plan so that you can keep your business running whilst we’re not here. Contact APT today to learn more about our cleaning services and chemical products and take the first step towards improving your operations.

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