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Soda Blast Cleaning & Stone Cleaning

Client Details: Talbot Hotel, Fitzwilliam’s Malton Estate, Yorkshire

Project: Soda Blast Cleaning and Stone Cleaning

The Challenge
To carry out sensitive York stone cleaning to remove pollution surface build up without damaging the natural stone face and patina.
There were obstacles regarding the constant movement of children, staff and other contractors that had to be considered during the working day. These were overcome by implementing a detailed but flexible approach.

APT’s Solution

We carried out several trial test areas for the estate property surveyor and conservation architects to approve the soda blast system and the sensitivity of the effect on the natural York stone finish.
It was a busy centre of town location so we had to liaise with the site manager on the best site management to ensure the safety of pedestrians and the other contractors.
We carried out the removal and stripping off of the darkened surface growth which helped the polluted contaminates. This then exposed the natural stone colour.
We delivered the project to standard required by the client.

Client Testimonial
“He commented on the success of the trials and recommended the soda blast method be forwarded to the future contract for renovation..”

Keith Davies
Fitzwilliam Estate Manager


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