Client Details: Mirage Management, Portishead

Project: K Render Cleaning

The Project
To treat and clean off all through colour render to kill algae and moss growth.

We carried out a thorough property survey with the client owners and management team in the coastal town of Portishead located near to Bristol on the Severn Estuary in North Somerset, South West England. We discussed the various options and approaches to the job, which included the health and safety aspects involving careful management of pedestrians, tenants and our workforce. APT would be working at high levels with rope access and heavy equipment including powered high-level cherry pickers. It was important to ensure that the method used was safe for cleaning and treating of the algae covered render and that it gave long term, cost effective results.

The Challenges
The timber pedestrian walkway facing over the harbour water could not bear any significant weight so needed to be accessed by ropes. Therefore, we provided our rope access teams and super lift access to reach all the higher levels.

The safety of the public was paramount, care was taken in and around the site with the two very busy restaurants and shops to the ground floor.

It was apparent at the start of the job that there were loose pavers, we needed to board and protect those in order to avoid further damage and costs.

Suggestions to the Client

  • To respray and apply algaecide solution every three years in order to maintain the surface and stop re-growth of algae and moss.
  • To make minor repairs to some decorative timber cladding to complete the building renovation.
  • Make arrangements to re-set existing loose paving slabs and clear drainage.

APT’s Solution
We hired in the specialised lift access equipment and provided high level specialist rope access team.

We then treated all the Sto rendered surfaces with APT’s Algae Free Render Cleaning Solution and Activator.

We used our hot box super-heated low-pressure steam cleaners to clean off the render, this ensured the render was clean and free of algae spores thus avoiding any damage to the render – damage is often caused if high pressure jet washing methods are used by inexperience commercial cleaners.

The Result
The building was transformed back to its original condition, thus enhancing its value from both an economical and ascetical aspect. We delivered the project to very high standard as required by the client, who was delighted with the outcome.

Client Testimonial
“We recently instructed APT-ICC to carry out high-level render cleaning works, to treat and clean off severe algae staining from the exterior of the Mirage Building.

The building size and restrictive access was very problematic, and we found it difficult to source a contractor with the capabilities to carry out the work and coordinate safe access for the public and the residents. APT provided a very detailed survey and full H&S plan to manage the project.

The works were carried out as prescribed and to our complete satisfaction, all at the Mirage are delighted with the result.

Thank you to all at APT for giving us a new look Mirage!”

Derrick Hitchins
Consultant Project Manager & Board Member at Mirage


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