Client Details: Trigon Snacks Ltd, Liverpool

Project: Commercial Food Factory Cleaning

The Project
APT was asked to find a solution to the industrial high-level deep cleaning within a food manufacturing plant in Liverpool. We needed to deal with heavy build-up of hardened oil and grime that had formed over time on high level surfaces throughout one of the key production areas. These areas were difficult to access or not accessible to their internal cleaning operators.

The client was carrying out the improvement factory cleaning as part of their BCR audit.

The Challenges
A recent internal audit identified the potential risk of contamination to some of the processing areas within the food factory. The auditors listed a programme of improvement and contacted several commercial and industrial cleaning companies to look at the deep industrial cleaning and high level cleaning. These companies did not respond or declined to quote due to the nature of the work, complexities and access difficulties.

The factory cleaning operation needed to be minimised to avoid disruption to food production.

APT’s Solution
APT surveyed the food factory’s production areas and recommended cost-effective cleaning options for their commercial deep cleaning equipment and the high level, heavily soiled surfaces of production machinery.

A health and safety plan along with a suitable work schedule was agreed.

APT’s Powermax 2020, which is a specialised food safe, heavy duty degreaser was used to clean and degrease all high-level surfaces, under roof ceiling panels, all steel work, extractor, pipe work, cabling and ducting within the factory.

A meeting took place in the food factory to understand the existing cleaning methods used for the hot oil frying equipment. We implemented the use of APT’s Metasoak, an effective degreaser and carb cleaner to remove the heavy build-up of black carbon deposits and burnt on hard oils.

The client requested that we work in conjunction with their internal hygiene team to support their regular maintenance cleaning programme. Whilst on site we trained them in the best practice to use the Powermax 2020.

The Result
Whilst on site we assisted and carried out an assessment of the current factory cleaning methods and products used. We were then able to offer the client several improvement options to raise the standard of hygiene, cut costs and reduce labour intensive cleaning.

The current deep cleaning of the heavy oil frying and extraction equipment included the use of heavy caustic chemicals which produced unsatisfactory results. After liaising with the plant engineers and operatives we were able to introduce and have approved an alternative, safe aluminium cleaner, Metasoak which is used to degrease and decarbonise both the steel and aluminium metal surfaces.

We offered further improvements to the food factory cleaning methods along with adaptations to some of the equipment. The benefits were; the panels to now demountable thus they could be cleaned automatically.

A further proposal was provided, the purpose of this was to enable the company to carry out manual, low pressure, heavy steam cleaning of intricate surface areas. This method would further reduce safety risks to operatives and provide a more effective, efficient deep clean which would result in large savings for both labour and chemical products.

The list of improvements, application and equipment adaptions were all passed to the technical and hygiene officer for approval and implementation. Several other smaller key proposals were made and are part of an ongoing factory cleaning improvement programme.

Client Testimonial
“I was very impressed at the level of knowledge and expertise of our production processes and their interest and proposals offered to improve cleaning standards throughout the production areas. This I found was very unique, they did not just turn up and carry out the cleaning and leave. We found this information invaluable for improving our internal cleaning programme.  

The APT team approached the difficult cleaning tasks with great professionalism, and they kept my operational staff and I updated throughout the project. Their operatives had no issue in working and assisting my hygiene team and offered them help and training to use both chemicals and materials. They were extremely helpful and assisted with several improvement measures which we will now be implementing going forward. The plant managers and I are very confident that APT will be of great help to us in all future projects and we will be recommending them to carry out regular and ongoing deep cleaning of our plant.

Thank you again APT.”

Mercy Matewa
Technical Services and Hygiene Plant Manager, Trigon Snacks Ltd


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