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Facade Building Cleaning – St. David’s Hall, Cardiff

Client Details: St. David’s Hall, Cardiff – Cardiff City Council

Project: Façade Building Cleaning

The Project
The building had suffered many years of weathering and had been neglected. Severe algae growth and bird composts covered the building.

Pedestrian traffic needed to be considered as the building was in the centre of Cardiff City Centre.

APT were hired and given just 48 hours, from first enquiry, to transform the building façade in time for the televised World Opera Championships.

APT’s Solution
An immediate inspection was arranged with the on-site manager to identify the buildings substrate and advise on best and quickest method for the building cleaning.

The first thing for APT to do was to liaise with Cardiff City Council (www.cardiff.gov.uk) highways department in order to grant permission for access, during the exterior building cleaning.

APT advised on a combination of high-powered pressure water equipment in conjunction with APT’s environmentally friendly cleaning products. Access lifts were used for the high-level cleaning.

To minimize the amount of disruption and to deliver to the public and to deliver the project within the required time, our teams worked from 6.30pm through to 4.00am cleaning the building’s facade.

The Result
The work was completed well within time and to the highest standard, allowing the management to erect the necessary banners before the filming started.

Client Testimonial
“In these days of constrained budgets, I thought it impossible to give the external façade the required face-lift, with minimal funds and time at my disposal before hosting the nationally televised BBC Cardiff Singer of The World competition. Both you and your team’s effective and sympathetic approach to the workload (working over night and amongst the fabric of our large canvas advertising boarding) delivered a 100% satisfactory job!”

Gareth Griffiths
St. David’s Hall, Cardiff

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