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Commercial Extraction and Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Client Details: Viva Brazil, Cardiff

Project: Commercial Extraction and Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Brief Overview
As part of the company’s responsibility to the HVAC policy, Viva Brazil, Cardiff, South Wales wanted their Extraction Fans and ducting cleaning as well as using our commercial kitchen deep clean services.

The Project
After a busy season all areas of the kitchen needed to be deep cleaned. The extractors needed to be removed, cleaned and sanitised and then put back. Parts of equipment within the kitchen needed extra attention due to the build-up grease and oils.

We were given a short period of time in which to complete the kitchen duct cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning as the premises needed to be operational.

APT’s Solution
We discussed the whole of the kitchen cleaning procedures that Viva were using so that we could assist in improving cleaning methods used, making their process much more efficient and cost effective.

We worked throughout the evenings in order to avoid disruption to the business.

Result / Outcome
Back to new – APT were able to award the TR19 certificate and provided the team with a kitchen cleaning schedule and programme.
We will provide up to date advice on policy changes including any changes to the new recommendations in TR19, section 7 standards.

APT’s Products
For commercial kitchen cleaning products go to: www.aptcommercialchemicals.co.uk/kitchen-cleaning-products

If you are looking for commercial kitchen cleaning services and Kitchen duct cleaning near you then call us on 0800 0723 773 or visit
. APT cover Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Swindon and the whole of South Wales and the West and South West of England.


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