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Cladding Cleaning, Renovation and Commercial Painting

Client Details: Armoured Auto Group, Unit 30

Project: Cladding Cleaning, Renovation and Commercial Painting

The Project
To carry out restoration and painting to enhance the visual appearance and integrity of the building.

  • Remove algae and flaking paint from steel cladding panels.
  • Remove surface rusting from selected steel panels and security window grills.
  • Replace broken glazing units.
  • Make minor repairs to exit doors and re-decorate.
  • Remove and clean algae from all pathways.
  • To re-paint with colour match paint the existing cladding panels.

APT’s Solution
A full survey was carried out to inspect the cladding and severity of the surface. We discussed varying options and approaches to the job, including repairs rather than replacement of the steel coated cladding and security grills.

On the front elevation we used APT’s oscillating pressure washing and Soda Blasting system to strip the defective and damaged steel cladding which was coated with paint. We blasted at below 2 bar pressure and used a special vortex cleaning head to avoid harming the substrate. The rust and old paint coatings was removed from the metal window grills, allowing for priming and re-coating.

The side elevations were striped from lose flaking paint using the oscillating wet blast method to reduce time and cost to the client. We treated the metals with appropriate primers and re-coated in appropriate paints.

Lift access equipment was used for the high-level cleaning areas including the clearing of gutters and roof valleys. The pathways and other algae covered areas were treated with APT’s Algae Free.

The Result
The client was overwhelmed with the transformation to their building. What was once a tattered building, it had turned into an impressive workplace for clients, staff and visitors.

Client Testimonial
“After discussing the project with 3 other companies, APT were the most helpful and experienced. They provided us with various alternatives which saved us thousands of pounds. The work was professionally planed and far exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the outcome and will definitely recommend APT.”

Jason Lewis
Site Service and Facilities Manager


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