It’s been estimated that the industrial cleaning chemical market will grow by 4.5% annually between 2019 – 2024. The main industries contributing to the growth in the industrial cleaning sector are; manufacturing, healthcare, retail and food service, along with hospitality. Health and safety in such environments is crucial.

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Industrial machinery requires regular cleaning to ensure its productivity and reducing any potential damage. Instruments in the medical and healthcare sectors are amongst some of the biggest users of industrial cleaning chemicals, ensuring hygiene is paramount. Regulations are increasingly getting tighter in the retail, food service and hospitality sectors when it comes to ensuring clientele are in the safest of environments.

In the last few years, health and safety requirements in the UK have increased. Awareness of hygiene in the workplace has become more important. Thus, the need for effective industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning chemicals has led to the anticipated market increase in the coming years.

It’s been estimated that the healthcare industry is expected to see the highest increase due to the use of surfactants. Surface-agents are one of the most used industrial chemicals in healthcare and medical environments. A surfactant changes the properties of liquid ingredients, altering the surface tension, enabling the cleaning solution to loosen and remove unwanted dirt and grime. Increased awareness of sufficient hygiene and the impacts to the healthcare environments means that the need for multi-use surfactants has risen.

All industries require general cleaners to tackle all means of cleaning, from floors to walls and doors. New regulations in the UK have forced workplaces to drive hygiene initiatives to encompass all matters of health and safety and hygiene.

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