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Pest Control - Rats, Mice and Other Rodents

Rodents, particularly rats and mice can cause a large amount of damage in a short period of time. They carry disease, destroy timber, eat stored food, contaminate food with their droppings and are even a fire risk as they chew through electrical cables. Ignoring rat and mouse control can therefore cause health hazards as well as damaging the fabric of your premises.

You may be asking yourself 'how do I get rid of Rats and Mice' - simple. Call a pest control company such as APT on 0800 0723 773 to discuss your commercial rodent control requirements.

Expert Rat and Mouse Control

Rat and mouse infestations are best dealt with quickly and effectively and by specialist pest control companies. Our highly trained and well equipped rodent control teams will quickly identify the centre of the problem and deal with the offending creatures. Not only that, they can identify the reason why the rodents have taken up residence in your building and advise what you should do about it.

We appreciate the costs that an infestation of rats and mice has on normal trading so our commercial pest control services are designed to cause minimal disruption to the daily routine of your business.

Rodent Control Contracts

A business taking a proactive approach to rat and mouse control of any form will generally have fewer issues than one which reacts to pest invasions as they arise.

Your business can implement measures to reduce the attractiveness and accessibility of your premises to rodents. Having a rodent control contract in place will complement your own efforts, giving access to professional advice with regular visits by rat and mouse control experts.

A contract allows you to benefit from:

  • Expert advice
  • Early identification and resolution of rat, mouse and other rodent issues
  • Ensures on-going compliance with health and safety requirements and legislation relevant to your industry sector
  • It works out cheaper since on-going rat and mouse control measures are generally more effective so you benefit from a lower recurrence rate
  • A dedicated team that knows your premises and problems so you benefit from a much more efficient service, saving you time explaining the same thing over and over again to new pest control contractors

Calling APT now on 0800 0723 773 to discuss your commercial rodent control requirements will save you money in the long term.

Health and Safety

Good pest control contractors operate to the most stringent health and safety levels. As a professional pest management company, APT teams are fully conversant with all relevant legislation. We provide method statements and COSHH risk assessments where required, for all your pest control solutions.

You may be tempted to keep rat and mouse control in-house, however, you are exposing your staff to potential health hazards. Apart from the dangers of infection from bites, water supplies can be contaminated by Weil's disease and the dry brushing of rat and mouse droppings can release viruses such as the potentially deadly hantavirus.

Unlike many pest control specialists, we are a commercial and industrial cleaning company too. So not only do we resolve your rat or mouse problem, we safely remove and legally dispose of any fouling as well as the pests themselves - APT pest control is a cradle to grave solution that includes all of the cleaning required to complete the job.

Industries Covered Include:

  • Catering including pubs, restaurants, take-aways and cafes
  • Food manufacturing, preparation and sales outlets
  • Offices, factories and warehouses Schools and other education facilities
  • Healthcare including hospitals, care homes and medical centres
  • Retail
  • Farming
  • Local authorities and many more

How to Benefit from the Best rat and mouse management services

Contact APT pest control services now on 0800 0723 773 for a no-obligation chat.


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