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Contract Cleaning

Cleaning services are an important part of any business. Whether you employ your own cleaners in-house, or, like the majority or businesses and organisations, you choose to employ a contract cleaner, cleaning is essential to any industry sector or workplace.

Why are commercial cleaners important?

Ensuring that the working environment is always clean and tidy is the responsibility of the employer. Keeping the workplace clean and tidy will not only benefit staff and employees; making it a pleasant environment to work in, but a good standard of cleanliness will also make good first impressions on visitors and potential customers. Nobody would want their clients to notice dusty desks, stained carpets, or dirty and grimy equipment.

In addition to aesthetic reasons, ensuring your workplace is clean and tidy is set out in the health and safety at work act 1974. In the legislation it states that employers must ensure there is sufficient light and ventilation for all employees and staff, as well as making sure everyone’s individual workspace is clean and safe. Health and safety risks can become even more prevalent in industrial environments such as factories or production plants, where large and complex machinery can cause dirt and debris to accumulate on the floor or in the machinery itself, potentially causing trips and falls or blockages.

For all business, it is a good idea to hire a contract cleaning service, such as APT Commercial Cleaning, to carry out thorough cleaning across the premises on a regular basis. All businesses require different things from their cleaning service provider, so it is important that ensure the provider can deliver what you are looking for. Are you looking for a regular office clean? Washroom cleaning? Kitchen cleaning? Deep cleans? Heavy industrial cleaning, including machinery and equipment? Do you need any high-level cleaning to be carried out? Not all cleaning services will be able to offer all of these things, so it is important to really consider what you are looking for before entering in to a contract, and becoming disappointed further down the line.

Are you getting what you want from your cleaning service?

It is also important to ensure that the cleaning service provider adheres to your company values and priorities. More and more emphasis is being put on environmentally friendly products and processes, and rightly so, as dangerous chemicals or solvents can cause significant damage to the surrounding environment, and the wrong products could even cause more harm than good to the surfaces they are applied to. It is a good idea to liaise with your cleaning provider and discuss the products being used. Professional services should already be using eco-friendly products and processes, and will be experienced in applying relevant knowledge to all cleaning jobs, whether it is in a heavy industrial environment, or a simple office block.

APT Commercial Cleaning can provide you with a qualified and highly experienced cleaning team. We are happy to carry out a non-committal site survey in order to accurately assess your cleaning needs, and provide you with a full breakdown of the services we can provide to best suit you. Our team will work with you very closely every step of the way to ensure you are always satisfied, whether it might be carpet cleaning, deep cleans, high-level cleaning, industrial cleaning, kitchen cleaning, or builders cleans. All of our cleaning staff are trained with the latest equipment and are well versed in the most efficient cleaning processes, always using our very own specially developed eco-friendly commercial cleaning products.

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Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council Project: Ebbw Vale car park

Case Study Image - Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council Project: Ebbw Vale car park

High level cleaning of Ebbw Vale town centre multi story car park.

To deep clean all surfaces in walkways and stairwells to remove oil spillages and oil staining. Remove graffiti and dog fouling. Install new safety barriers, deep clean high and lower level exterior cladding to remove moss and algae and carry out redecoration to lower levels.