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Dilapidations for Tenants

End of Lease Dilapidations for Tenants

Have you just been handed a Schedule of Dilapidations by your landlord? Are you concerned about the costs that could mount up? Don’t panic, we can take away the stress caused by cleaning up after moving out of a rented commercial property.

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The end of a lease on a commercial property often means a lengthy Schedule of Dilapidations from your landlord to work through within a tight deadline. Getting the property back to a state of good repair or pre-leased condition can seem like a daunting task, not to mention that it is time-consuming and can be costly if not approached right!

Avoid the legal repercussions of not carrying out the repairs and reinstatement properly, or worse still not completing the works by the agreed exit time thus incurring extra costs for the overrun and additional rental costs.  Let our expert dilapidation contractors take away the worry do the hard work for you.

We will work with you carry out a free site survey of your property, discuss your schedule and any concerns you may have. We will guide you toward the most cost effective solution to satisfy all parties. We can either carry out a full managed project or just partial selected works programme to ensure best cost effective outcome.

“Through our experience we will often be able to negotiate to carry out satisfactory repairs instead of replacement which can result in huge costs savings”

Some of the keys areas to look for where we can optimise your savings:-   

  • Deep Cleans - We can carry out a full deep clean of the premises leaving it in pristine condition. Our team of high level cleaners will clean both the exterior and interior of the premises as well as roof and façade cleaning if necessary.
  • Painting - If re-painting of exterior or internal walls is required to return the building to pre-leased condition our team of painters will carry out the work to meet your exact requirements. We can colour match if necessary.
  • General maintenance - Our team of experienced contractors can even make repairs to the external and internal structure and surfaces including sheet cladding, security fencing, road repairs or to the fixtures and fittings that have been damaged through general wear and tear. Where required for commercial retail units we can arrange for full white box handover.
  • Removals - As part of our dilapidation cleaning service we will also remove and dispose of any unwanted furniture ,plant and equipment, check light fittings and fixtures and make necessary repairs and also remedy any damaged masonry .

Should you wish, we will liaise directly with your landlord and your dilapidation surveyors in order to ensure every aspect of the Schedule of Dilapidations is addressed to the satisfaction of your landlord within the extent of your legal obligations.  This can be recorded and final sign off obtain confirming your release from any future liability.

We have as part of our commercial team a:-

  • Commercial property manager
  • Commercial property surveyor
  • Commercial insurance specialist and fire officer

As a word of warning don’t leave this important work in the hands of generic renovation companies;  by using specialist dilapidation contractors you can ensure the work will be done first time, to the agreed specification only therefore, keeping your dilapidation costs to a minimum.

We will ensure we keep your dilapidations costs to the minimum .for further information please read the attached dilapidations report or why not contact Apticc us now and let us help you with any current or future commercial or retail dilapidations project on +44 (0)1495 308048 or email us :

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