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Dilapidation For Companies - Landlord

Have you just been handed notice by your long term tenant?

Or worst still your tenant has been in arrears for several months and has moved out overnight

Are you concerned how to manage the situation?

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Several thoughts come to mind:-

  • How long it will take to find a new tenant.
  • The ongoing void costs associated with the empty property, business rates, utilities such as gas, electricity and water, maintenance cost and security.
  • The legal costs of chasing the absconding tenant
  • The cost of the buildings integrity keeping and maintaining the property at its best for potential tenants
  • The current condition of the property and the costs of bringing it back into good repair and a lettable condition.

The best case scenario is that your long term tenant has given you good notice and has been a good tenant who has maintained the property and even made good some authorised improvements to your commercial property.

However, in reality this is rarely the case and most tenancies end with works of repair and reinstatement that have to be done by the tenant under the terms of the lease. These are known as dilapidations and it is normal for the landlord to survey the property and to a serve a Schedule of Dilapidations showing the tenant the works that they need to carry out.

The absconding tenant

Occassionally, your tenant will fail financially and may disappear overnight.  In this case you will need to assess the damage to limit your potential loss. This needs to be done quickly and in detail in order to either bring the case for the dilapidations claim against your tenant for your legal team to progress or simply to get the property back to the right condition for remarketing.

This will include full assessment of the lease agreement and detailed property survey to check and record in detail all items and costs to put the property back to the original state together with a time managed programme to allow the commercial property agents to re advertise and market your asset as quickly as possible limiting ongoing void periods.

How can we help you

We can support both you and the tenant to assess the terms of the lease and make any arrangements to carry out works under the lease agreement the that the tenant maybe required to do along with any additional improvements you feel maybe necessary to enhance and improve the property and ensure its ready for re marketing . This is always good position for you and your outgoing tenant 

You may wish to engage us directly to carry out any works during the notice period ensuring that the works are completed at the time of handover allowing the property to be remarketed in its best state to potential new tenants and to show that you are a professional landlord.

The typical works might include: remarking car park and road pathway repairs, facade and high-level cleaning, exterior decoration, new lighting, signage and fencing.

This is ideal best case scenario where you can be confident that all the works are carried out as to the highest possible standard and completed on time.  This will allow you to focus confidently on remarketing.

We can help by carry out the full survey and list all items required under the lease to pass over to your legal advisors to ensure the claim is clear and easy to process.

We will also advise and a separate detailed list of any suggested works for your consideration that could improve the property to ensure an easy re let. We do this by being able to provide costs effective repair solutions rather than just looking at renewing and can offer suggestions to lift the aesthetic outlook of any commercial property.  We do this by combining our abilities and experience to pull together all the necessary works and deliver a detailed cost effective package for our clients working as part of your team.

We can assist you when dealing with your legal team to recover any losses, and will work with your insurers and other advisors to manage your claim.

We cover a broard range of commercial property repair services in all industrial commercial property and retail sectors. We have our own labour force to manage and deliver your project .

We have as part of our dedicated team of specialists commercial team and all available if or when required to advise and assist you in processing your claim

  • Commercial property manager
  • Commercial property surveyor
  • Commercial insurance specialist
  • fire officer (in case of fire risk regulations or suspected foul play )

Why do we care so much?

We have our own commercial and residential portfolio and know only too well the time and interference to the business when involved in managing these situations and it is our goal, as your third party, to limit you exposure to further and often unquantified costs of managing these matters.

Should you wish we can also simply just liaise with your own team in order to ensure every aspect of the Schedule of Dilapidation is reported and addressed and carried out to the exact specification or offer some cost effective solutions to many tasks with the goal of saving you thousands of pounds.

As a word of warning don’t leave the this work in the hands of generic renovation companies. By using specialist dilapidation contractors you can ensure the work will be done first time, to the agreed specification only, keeping detailed records of your dilapidation works and costs to a minimum to consolidate any claim or negotiation  

Tight deadlines.

Getting the property back to a state of good repair or pre-leased condition can seem like a daunting task and is very time-consuming. This can be costly if not approached in the correct way and can cause delays in processing the claim and in finding the right team to manage the project through to re marketing the property. Missing key points or not carrying out the dilapidation clear up quickly can add extra costs and mean further loss of income which you may be unable add into any claim . Let our expert dilapidation contractors do the hard work and worry for you.

We will work with you carry out a free site survey of your property, discuss your schedule and any concerns you may have. We will guide you toward the most cost effective solution to satisfy all parties. We can either carry out a full managed project or just partial selected works programme to ensure the best cost effective outcome. Through our experience we will often be able to negotiate to carry out satisfactory repairs instead of replacement.    

Optional services :-

Deep Cleans - We can carry out a full deep clean of the premises leaving it in pristine condition. Our team of high level cleaners will clean both the exterior and interior of the premises as well as roof and façade cleaning and repairs if necessary.

Painting - If re-painting of exterior or internal walls is required to return the building to pre-leased condition our team of time served painters will carry out the work to meet your exact requirements. We can colour match finish where necessary.

Building Maintenance and Repairs - Our team of dilapidation contractors can even make repairs to fixtures and fittings that have been damaged through general wear and tear. Where required for commercial retail units we can arrange for full white box handover.  

Removals and Waste Disposal - As part of our dilapidation cleaning service we will also remove and dispose of any unwanted furniture and equipment, check light fittings and fixtures and make necessary repairs including remedying any damaged masonry .

We will ensure we keep your dilapidations costs to the minimum .for further information please read the attached dilapidations report or why not contact Apticc us now and let us help you with any current or future commercial or retail dilapidations project on +44 (0)1495 308048 or email us :

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