Dedicated to providing innovative warehouse cleaning and restoration solutions.

With 30 years’ experience, APT provides tailor made solutions for your warehouse cleaning, maintenance and restoration projects across all industries nationwide.

Safe Warehouse Cleaning Services

APT ICC have been servicing clients with their warehouse cleaning throughout the UK for over 30 years. We have the technical know-how and experience to help your organisation maintain a clean, safe environment whether it’s commercial warehouse cleaning or a distribution centre.

Commercial Warehouse Cleaning
Commercial Building Cleaning Contractors

Through years of trail and error we have adapted the most cost effective and time conscious approach to our warehouse cleaning methods. In conjunction, as our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals (a specialist cleaning chemical company); we pull on their expertise for advice on the best product to use for any surface. As the chemicals are highly concentrate, a little goes a long way meaning that your costs are reduced due to less chemical and less manpower.

What services does APT ICC provide for warehouse cleaning?

To ensure a thorough clean we use the most sophisticated equipment for all cleaning operations. Our expertise minimises the cleaning time and maximises the effectiveness of your warehouse cleaning programme.

Most clients use our services for high level cleaning, trusses, skylights, walls, cladding, racking, pipes, ducting, confined space, roof, deep cleaning, warehouse floor cleaning, non-slip flooring, sealed concrete, painted concrete, epoxy resin, polyurethane, mezzanine floors, kitchens, car park cleaning, fire damage and dilapidation full service.

Some of our specialist cleaning includes machinery cleaning; deep and full cleaning, using the most and appropriate chemicals. Whatever company you choose, please ensure that they understand chemicals and their appropriate uses. We have witnessed time and again incidences where machinery worth hundreds of thousands of pounds has been damaged due to incorrect application of chemicals.

We also carry out dry ice blasting, air ventilation cleans, loft space cleaning where bird contamination can cause problems particularly in food or health produce related storage warehouses.

Some of our previously completed projects include Amazon distribution centre, GTS, Koyo Bearings, BBI, Volcke, Graphic Packaging, Delavue, Delifrance, Interserve & Esterline and Smurfit Kappa.  Please click here to see some case studies of some of our completed projects.

We have developed a wide range of superbly effective warehouse cleaning chemicals and techniques including:

  • High temperature low pressure super heated steam cleaning which fast drying to minimise disruption during cleaning.
  • Low pressure water vortex cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing service
  • Soda blasting for perfect surface preparation prior to warehouse floor re-coating or to remove spilt paint, bitumen and other coatings
  • A range of degreasers and other cleaning detergents such as drain cleaning chemicals with a low environmental impact
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What industries does the warehouse cleaning services cover?

From huge distribution centres, warehouses old and new, storage spaces, packaging centres, food distribution centres, retail outlets, factories and production facilities to automation picking sites, we are confident we can deliver and meet your expectations.

Before we consider any warehouse cleaning with new clients, be it a one-off or contract, we assign one of our dedicated team to completely understand your needs and expectations. We aim to take weight away from you with our team of trained warehouse cleaners, working with shift patterns and low volume times. At the same time, we ensure your health and safety requirements are met so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

External Warehouse Cleaning

Our teams of cleaners have a wealth of experience to clean warehouse cladding and elevations using a combination of pressure cleaning and reach and wash cleaning methods. We can complete full roof cleans to include gutters and skylights.  It goes without saying that all our teams are qualified to exacting standards, with customer and client relationship being a key focus whilst on site.  At APT ICC we provide continual improvement, assessment, support and training.

APT ICC provide Warehouse cleaning services nationally. We work in partnership with our clients, and they become part of the APT ICC family, where we are all working toward the same objective in warehouse cleaning. We very much look forward to hearing from you and helping your business stay safe and clean.