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With 30 years’ experience, APT provides tailor made solutions for your warehouse cleaning, maintenance and restoration projects across all industries nationwide.


Safe Warehouse Cleaning Services

In warehousing environments, floor cleaning can be a particular problem. Dirt that has been trodden in or brought in on the wheels of vehicles, rubber from warehouse vehicle wheels, oils and greases. Add into the mix a little water and accidents are almost inevitable. For thorough removal of the grime, call in APT’s warehouse cleaning team.

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We have the technical know-how, over 25 years of experience chemical cleaning and the most sophisticated equipment for warehouse floor cleaning including all industrial non slip flooring, sealed concrete, painted concrete, epoxy resin, polyurethane and mezzanine floors. Our expertise minimises the cleaning time and maximises the effectiveness of your warehouse cleaning programme.

We have developed a wide range of superbly effective warehouse cleaning chemicals and techniques including:

  • High temperature low pressure super heated steam cleaning which fast drying to minimise disruption during cleaning.
  • Low pressure water vortex cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing service
  • Soda blasting for perfect surface preparation prior to warehouse floor re-coating or to remove spilt paint, bitumen and other coatings
  • Deep cleaning and commercial cleaning of industrial flooring
  • A range of degreasers and other cleaning detergents such as drain cleaning chemicals with a low environmental impact
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