High level cleaning and maintenance is an area which many cleaning companies in Bristol choose to avoid due to their lack of experience or not having a certified team in place to carry out the work involved.

It is important that individuals with no experience in this area should not attempt this type of work due to the high danger involved. Professional companies who do offer high level cleaning are highly trained and safety audited to ensure they are able to carry out the work to the highest standard possible within safety regulations.


Trained Operatives are essential for high level cleaning

Some key industries require high level cleaning services to maintain standards and meet legislative requirements.  For example, all high level structures in a food manufacturing environment require some form of maintenance cleaning to remove potential contamination, debris, pest harbourage, micro issues or simply for a fresh look. High level cleaning should always be carried by specifically trained operatives who are aware of all the potential risks and hazards to themselves, your employees, equipment and products.  All operatives should be trained to meet industry standards and have high level certificates, including  IPAF,  PASMA and IRATA for rope access.

Methods of cleaning vary from area to area, but the principle objective is to create a programme of work that will maintain overheads and high level structures in a condition where dust and residues do not accumulate to a level where product contamination or infestation cannot occur. Timetables can be put in place with production staff to programme the work in order to avoid disruption to manufacturing schedules.

Whether your cleaning includes hydraulic lifts, scaffold platforms, or specialist ladder systems, professional cleaners will have the technical knowledge that may save you thousands in the long-term.

Professional Cleaning Services throughout Bristol and surrounding areas

A company that is experienced in high level cleaning can often clean surfaces which are several storeys high even without cherry pickers and scissor lifts with the aid of high-pressured water jets and cleaning poles. Reach pole cleaning eliminates any health and safety concerns you may have regarding the general public and/or employees.

One local firm who can help with high level cleaning at your commercial premises in Bristol is APT-ICC.  We have the 30 years professional expertise combined with all the necessary equipment to deal with all types of high level cleaning in any industrial environment.  Our operatives are trained to the highest industry standards, providing solutions for cladding cleaning, facia and soffit cleaning, graffiti removal, window cleaning, guttering and leaf clearance, roof cleaning, moss and algae removal …. in short every aspect of your high cleaning requirements.