As factory cleaning experts of 30 years, APT ICC provide emergency, periodic or one-off factory deep cleaning, we facilitate your requirements whilst helping you stay compliant with the various health and safety standards. We work with factories and manufacturing facilities of all sizes, providing oil and chemical spills, mould and refurbishment cleans, to factory roof and window cleaning. Whether your factory is used for printing, food, textile, motors or anything and everything in between, they all have one thing in common: a need to be kept clean to avoid both health and safety and fire risks. Maintaining clean and organised premises is one of the biggest struggles of the job. To help you, we’ve put together this guide containing everything you need to know to keep your factory or warehouse clean and free of debris. Tips to help you keep your production line clean and in perfect working order, with the least effort whilst keeping costs at bay.

Factory Cleaning

Why is Factory Cleaning Important?

Whether your factory is used for food production or as a warehouse storing specialist goods and supplies, no matter the size or scale, all factories have a duty to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout. Factories are busy working environments and the factory floor, specialist machinery, equipment and production lines, can become a breeding ground for dirt, grime and contaminants, which can build up if these areas that do not receive regular cleans. Specialist factory cleaning will help ensure that your employees work and operate machinery in a sanitised and safe environment and APT will support you to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout. Our expert technicians provide a thorough deep clean of your factory based on your business requirements, from scheduled commercial factory cleaning services to responsive emergency factory cleaning. We also endeavour to give you the tools, knowledge and factory cleaning chemicals to maintain this yourselves. Working towards your specifications, we’ll do everything possible to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, allowing you to maintain revenue while work is carried out. We will work with you to develop a deep clean process that mitigates disruption to your operations whilst achieving the desired result within your time frame and budget.

Our Factory Cleaning can include:

  • Emergency, one-off and contract factory cleaning
  • Oil and grease cleaning
  • Chemical spill cleaning
  • Ventilation, ducting, refrigeration & air conditioning high-level cleaning
  • Window & skylight high-level cleaning
  • Factory machinery cleaning, part & assembly line cleaning
  • Commercial floor cleaning & factory floor cleaning services
  • External surface cleaning (including both brick and stone)
  • Staff washrooms and welfare facilities cleaning
  • Canteen & kitchen deep cleans

What to expect

Factories and other industrial facilities are often the most challenging environments to keep clean and safe. As part of our commitment to ensuring a best-fit solution we offer a free site survey for all industrial factory cleans. Our surveys identify any problem areas, offer solutions and experience-based guidance. The type of work you perform on your business premises will affect how often it needs to be cleaned.

The benefits of a clean and organised factory

Our expertise in commercial factory cleaning helps ensure that premises are safe and clean working environments and avoid insurances being invalidated or unnecessarily enforced closure of your premises due to health and safety regulation breeches. We understand that ensuring your factory is always clean and tidy required some effort and forward planning, we will work with you to achieve this as it can pay itself back time over.

Factory Cleaning

Increased productivity

Maintaining an organised working environment will make it easy for your staff to find the equipment and supplies they need, directly increasing productivity. Alongside this, maintaining a clean environment means that your staff are less likely to get ill. This indirectly boosts productivity as your employees appreciating dedicating company time and resources to ensuring their working environment is clean, safe, and efficient. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality and professional service with minimal disruption to your operations. We also offer training for your team on using the most suitable industrial factory cleaning products in the long term.

Compliance with health & safety regulations

There are several health & safety regulations connected with factory cleaning to ensure that employers prioritise the safety of their staff at work by maintaining clean and clear workspaces and the factory floor is slip, hazard and obstruction free, whilst ensuring working spaces are of a good standard. Failing to comply with legislation can not only put your employee’s health in danger and damage machinery but can also lead to your business failing checks from the H&S inspector, which could lead to serious financial loss. We recommend making the government guidance part of your regular factory, warehouse and commercial floor cleaning routine to comply with current regulations and ensuring your staff are always safe at work. Our specialist cleaning technicians have a wealth of industry experience in a variety of commercial factory cleaning solutions and have undergone specific training. They’re used to working to stringent health and safety standards and provide extensive risk assessments beforehand.

Using specialist Factory Cleaning Chemicals

We understand the importance of using specialist factory cleaning chemicals and the right tools to suit your business environment. We operate using specialist factory cleaning equipment and industrial factory cleaning products to suit your business environment. We operate with full awareness of BRC and AIB auditing standards, ensuring that our team can work in conjunction with your in-house experts.

Factory Cleaning

Making a factory cleaning or warehouse maintenance plan

We know how time consuming and unenjoyable it can be to make a factory cleaning plan, we’re on hand to assist you as much as we can. The type of work you perform on your business premises will affect how often cleaning is required, however, you should always perform two types of cleaning routines: factory deep cleaning and routine cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Over time, there will be a build-up of dirt, dust, and grime, even when carry out routine cleans, which could have a significant impact on productivity. Before reaching this point, your warehouse needs to be deeply cleaned. How long this will take, depends entirely on the work you perform and may be different for each section of your premises. Deep cleans often take several hours/days and require using specialist heavy-duty cleaning equipment and supplies on every surface and piece of equipment on your premises. We recommend enlisting a specialist factory cleaning company like APT to ensure the right tools and products are used, and schedule them to come in on an evening or weekend so you don’t lose out on productive work hours.

Routine Cleaning

Between scheduled deep-cleans, it is beneficial to perform routine maintenance cleans to keep on top of things and extend the amount of time between deep cleans. The frequency of this and what should be involved depends on several things, such as:

  • What sort of work does your factory perform? Do you use machines that create a lot of mess, dust, and debris?
  • Do you use equipment that requires a sterile environment to perform at its best? If so, we recommend more intensive regular cleaning to maintain levels of cleanliness.
  • How often do you have visitors to site? A well-organised, clean environment reflects well on an organisation.

Just like your intensive cleaning routine, your regular maintenance should be advance planned in when required. Some simple things you can do:

  • Give your staff 10 minutes at the end of every shift to tidy up their workspaces ready for the next team member to use their space without delays.
  • If equipment is used infrequently, it should be given a quick clean every few weeks to prevent dust build up, potentially affecting performance.
  • Encourage your employees through training to clean up any spills, debris, or rubbish as they appear to prevent any health and safety hazards. Ensure waste and recycling bins are easily accessible and ask your staff to dispose of waster as soon as possible to avoid build up.

Invest in the right factory cleaning or machinery cleaning equipment

It’s essential to provide your staff with the right equipment to perform their cleaning duties thoroughly and efficiently. Basic factory cleaning and machinery cleaning equipment and chemicals are essential for your staff to clean up any spills or dirt and make it a safer working environment for everyone. Ensure your staff have the right factory cleaning chemicals to carry out effective cleaning properly and ensure both their safety and the safety of visitors. Factories and warehouses require specific cleaning supplies to ensure that they are operating efficiently and surpass the health and safety standards. APT provide specialist commercial factory cleaning supplies and industrial factory cleaning services to ensure your factory is properly cleaned and compliant. It’s important not to try and cut costs when buying factory cleaning chemicals, as this will lead to inferior results in the long term, causing you to lose out on money and productivity. We always recommend clients use specific factory cleaning company products as they’re highly concentrated, meaning that you’re not paying for us to ship you water and our multiuse products ensure that your stock is reduced. Our products are manufactured in the UK, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Our expert in-house team provide specialist advice to understand your organisation and recommend the most suitable products that save you money and time!

How to make maintaining a clean warehouse or factory part of your company culture

Cleanliness and organisation within your commercial factory massively impact employee morale and productivity, but its near impossible to maintain organised if your staff aren’t on board. We partner with organisations to develop long terms plans with their management teams to encourage their staff to become invested in the changes. Here’s how we work with organisations to maintain a clean and tidy warehouse or factory:

Lead by example and provide staff training

Ensuring that senior management embody the new changes and pull their weight as much as everyone else is paramount to making significant changes. Senior management must provide staff with effective training and make sure they’re implementing easy to use factory cleaning products that are suitable for the task at hand. APT manufacture and supply super-concentrated, easy to use products that can carry out several tasks to ensure ease of use.

Communicate benefits to your teams

If you want your employees to buy in to your plans to maintain a clean and tidy workplace, it’s crucial that you communicate the benefits the new systems you’ll be putting in place will bring to them. Explain exactly how maintaining an organised workplace will keep them safe and help them perform their jobs as efficiently as possible, helping them to meet their targets more easily.

Why choose APT for your Factory Clean?

Our factory cleaning service is suitable for all types of facilities, no matter the size or scale, this can include food production factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, manufacturing premises and commercial spaces. We carry out services from high level cleaning of machinery, production lines and staff offices. Safe with the knowledge of our 30 years’ experience and equipped with specialist industrial cleaning equipment to carry out professional factory cleaning services, our hygiene experts can help you maintain clean and hygienic industrial premises. We operate nationwide, with an emergency call out for specialist cleaning services, offering a comprehensive range of industrial factory cleaning. We help your business remain compliant with safety regulations and prepare for audits, ensuring that your factory remains a clean and hygienic environment for your employees, without disrupting your business operations to reduce downtime.

What to Expect From APT-ICC Specialist Factory Cleaning Service?

As part of our free on-site survey our specialist hygiene consultants will discuss your factory cleaning requirements and develop a tailored factory cleaning solution. Our customers are supported by a network of professional cleaning technicians, with purpose-built factory cleaning equipment and qualified expertise, to help you ensure that regulatory standards are met, and audits are passed. We carry out our factory cleaning service at a time convenient to you to reduce production downtime and cater to all warehouse and factory environments offering emergency one-off cleaning solutions, as well as periodic regular cleaning based on your business needs.


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