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APT ICC are leading in Redditch supplying dry ice blasting services.

With 30 years’ experience APT’s dry ice cleaning teams are technically trained and experienced to clean your premises in Redditch with our dry ice equipment.


What is Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning?

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services
Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services

For over 15 years APT ICC have been using dry ice cleaning as a specialist cleaning process in Redditch. Dry ice blasting is the most versatile form of industrial cleaning available. The dry ice cleaning process has many advantages compared to other cleaning methods such as the speed at which it can clean, it is food safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, and an economical solution to many cleaning tasks. Dry ice cleaning is environmentally friendly as it does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Dry ice cleaning is a quick and effective way to clean without the need to dismantle or disassemble equipment nor must you wait for long periods of time before starting factory production or equipment.

What does dry ice blasting remove?

It rapidly removes unwanted debris such as ink, oils, grease, paint etc and you will see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your surfaces using this dry ice cleaning process. Regular machine cleaning can be cost and time effective, whilst minimising downtime overall increasing the lifespan of your equipment and machinery.

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What Are The Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting

Dry ice blasting uses a high-velocity spray of dry ice pellets to remove pollutants and coatings such surface corrosion, grime, and paint.

  • Disassembly, dismantling or cooling down time is not required, helping you with less downtime
  • Only frozen carbon dioxide (ice) is used, this sublimes on contact
  • No damage to electrical equipment – this cleaning process is corrosion free
  • No dust created with dry ice blasting
  • Low explosive risk
  • No work stoppage for other equipment, whilst our team dry ice blast on one machine production can continue other machines

Is it Safe to Use The Dry Ice Cleaning And Blasting Method In The Food Industry?

The fact we use pure ice with no chemicals when using the ice blasting process, it allows APT technicians to safely and effectively clean machinery within the food manufacturing industry. One of the most economical solutions to industry cleaning, leaving your machinery looking brand new.

APT’s ice blast cleaning system offers many advantages for industries in Redditch using hot-moulding techniques – moulds can be cleaned in-place, providing greater productivity. It is also widely used in the printing industry. You can operate up until our team arrive and restart again before their dry ice blaster is loaded being loaded on to the van!

There is very minimum waste from our Redditch dry ice blasting method, the only waste removal required is what has been removed from the surface being cleaned since the dry ice sublimes and returns to the air. You benefit from deep and shorter cleaning times than with standard industrial cleaning methods resulting in minimal downtime.

Where Is Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning Used?

  • Energy Companies – turbines, compressors, transformers, switch gear
  • Food Processing – moulds, mixers, electrical components and motors
  • Automotive – moulds, conveyors, electrical components
  • Construction – mould and lead paint removal
  • Railway and road transport – railway carriages, conduits, fans, food truck interiors
  • Solar panels
  • Tanks and confined spaces
  • Fire restoration
  • Printing industry, perfect for cleaning rollers
  • Aviation – removal of rubber from runways, cleaning aircraft landing gear, delicate applications such as turbine blades
  • Equipment and machinery – switchboards, conveyors, mixers

If you are based in Redditch and want to discuss your dry ice cleaning requirement or are unsure whether the dry ice blasting process is for you then do get in touch, our experts will talk you through the method. We can even provide on on-site sample demonstration.

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