Factory managers like yourself are faced with many decisions, from production targets through Health and Safety compliance to keeping the factory clean. The latter can seem a low priority and a mundane item for your agenda, however, in actual fact, it can impinge on all aspects of your business.

Heavy industry and engineering factory cleaning

Think about factory cleaning, machinery degreasing is likely to be the first thing that springs to mind. There are many reasons why heavy engineering equipment becomes coated in oil and grease – leaky seals, spilled oil from lubrication, cutting fluid splashes and so on. The problem here is that the oil and grease acts as a trap for small fragments of swarf and airborne particles such as dust. If this is accidentally transferred to a part of the equipment where it really should not be, the extra wear and tear could lead to an expensive premature failure.

So degreasing heavy plant is an essential part of factory cleaning. You can of course use your own maintenance teams to clean machinery but it is much safer to use a professional factory cleaning company. The professionals will have a wide variety of techniques available as well as the equipment, experience and in-depth know-how that can be used to clean machinery effectively and without causing damage.

An example of the sort of damage that an in-house crew can wreak on engineering equipment is the use of a powerful solvent in the region of the electrics. Using an inappropriate chemical e.g. a powerful solvent based product, could damage the grommets where the electrical cables enter the control box. At best, it will allow dirt and moisture in, meaning you will have to call out an electrician. At worst, the cables can become loose making the equipment dangerous to the operator.

Don’t forget the floors!

Dirt and grime can enter your factory via many routes for example being trodden in on workers’ shoes, dropping off palettes or stillages that have been stored outside for weeks or months, blowing in through doors and so on. Combined with oil and grease, this can pose a significant danger to your workforce, especially when it is wet when the whole mixture becomes very slippery. This can lead to employees slipping and perhaps being injured, necessitating time off work and even leading to a claim against the company. Regular maintenance cleaning of the factory floor by factory cleaning specialists could prevent this, saving the company thousands in the long term.

Food factory cleaning

Hygiene in a food processing or manufacturing facility is a critical factor. If you get it wrong, you could be faced with heavy fines and a lengthy shut down. Not only is there dirt from outside your food factory to consider, there are also food residues (uncooked and cooked), blood, oils, fats, bacteria and viruses that have to be dealt with.

Just making sure that you use the right products is a headache, but you need to use the right techniques and equipment to clean your floors, walls, conveyors, work surfaces, ovens and other machinery. Juggling this with the day to day running of the factory is stressful and time consuming.

Astute managers will call in a professional food factory cleaning company. Why? Because they have the right equipment, the appropriate cleaning products and trained personnel to carry out the cleaning quickly and efficiently. Using your own maintenance team can be difficult as they will generally need micro-managing to ensure that cleaning is very thorough. A professional cleaning company like ourselves, however, will simply come in at a time that is the least disruptive to your daily routine and simply get on with what is needed. 

How can I benefit from professional factory cleaning services?

Keeping a factory clean can be a big job but with a little organisation and help from the professionals, you can easily reduce your stress levels. For all your factory cleaning requirements, from floor cleaning to machinery degreasing, talk to us on 0800 0723 773 or 01495 308 048. We clean and sanitise all types of surface.