Roofs and gutters are your first and main defence against the rain. The guttering channels the rainwater away from your commercial premises safely and keeps this destructive element at bay. But if your gutters are blocked, the rainwater flow will be restricted; the gutter will overflow and water leak onto wall surfaces damaging coatings, masonry, pointing and even the foundations. Paths and roadways below where the gutter overflows become slippery and even damaged by the growth of algae. This secondary issue will then need you to spend extra time and money to resolve it.

But worse than this is seepage to the inside of the building. Unless caused by torrential rain, water damage from a blocked gutter is seldom noticed until it is well advanced. At best, you will eventually notice staining to walls and ceilings, perhaps some efflorescence. At worst, fungi including dry rot, will start to grow and that can lead to a lot of expensive and disruptive repair work. Long-term dampness can also attract insect colonies leading to insect damage or costly pest control and other remedial work.

The main causes of gutter blockages are:

  • Fallen leaves that have blown into the gutter
  • Moss from the roof that has broken off and rolled into the gutter
  • Other plant debris
  • General dirt and soiling from the roof
  • Roof tile debris

Should the damage ever become an insurance claim, if your insurers decide that it was due to a blockage caused by a lack of regular gutter cleaning, the likely outcome is that it will be rejected. Gutter cleaning should therefore be a regular feature of your buildings maintenance programme.

Gutter cleaning is a job for a specialist team

You may be tempted to send out your own maintenance crew to clean your guttering, however this is not a good idea for several reasons. You would first need to ensure that all Health and Safety regulations were met. Then you would have to supply them with the right tools to do the job, either that or let them make do with whatever was to hand meaning that it would be done less efficiently and there would be the possibility of damaging the gutter, worsening the problems. The debris from the guttering would need to be disposed of in accordance with local by-laws and environmental regulations. And then there is the disruption to the smooth running of your business as ladders and hired plant is moved.

The benefits of using a professional gutter cleaning service

An APT gutter cleaning team can quickly deal with any guttering blockage or restriction, removing the material from your site for safe disposal. Our staff are fully trained to work safely, using the right tools for the job without damaging your guttering as they remove the debris. Should they notice any potential issues that could lead to future problems, you will be informed.
Our team can work from the ground meaning that your daily business routine is undisturbed. No time has to be spent setting up and re-positioning ladders or hoisting equipment thus making sure that your gutters are cleaned faster. All Health and Safety requirements are met and your role is simply to make the telephone call to set the date and time for your gutter cleaning making the organisation of the job stress-free.

High level gutter cleaning service

Where guttering is too high for cleaning from the ground, for example on a multi-storey building or factory, we have scissor lifts, cherry pickers and rope access teams to solve your problem of high level gutter cleaning. With our wide range of commercial, industrial and public sector experience, we are equipped and able to deal with the most inaccessible of gutters or gulleys.
To benefit from gutter cleaning or high level gutter cleaning, talk to us on 0800 0723 773 NOW. We clean all types of guttering including aluminium, cast iron and plastic on all types of building, including factories, commercial premises and listed buildings. Find out more on on our Gutter Cleaning and High Level Cleaning page.

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