Safely Remove Vandalism To Your Property

In some instances, graffiti can look attractive; lending areas a certain edge or urban feel, some graffiti is even considered art. However, the majority of graffiti is the product of illegal and anti-social behaviour, simply carried out for the sole purpose of spoiling the appearance of a building, wall, or other structure.
The laws on public property are very strict, and anyone caught doing graffiti can be arrested and prosecuted under the criminal damage act 1971.

Graffiti Removal Services - Before
Graffiti Removal Services - After

However, a lot of the time, the perpetrators are not caught, and the damage to your property or possessions remains behind and can also be extremely difficult to remove. Removing the graffiti isn’t always the problem; existing graffiti can often attract further graffiti to the same place, which can also lead to a negative reputation in the local area, which can be especially harmful for a business, and it could even lead to reductions in property prices and an increased fear of crime.

Not all incidents of graffiti are the same; it can be done with a huge variety of different substances, such as paint, marker pen, show polish, lipstick, and even chewing gum, all of which range wildly in difficulty to remove. Even the surface on which the graffiti is committed, can contribute to how difficult it is to remove; certain removal products or methods might damage the original paint or surface underneath the graffiti, making it appear even more unsightly.

The are a number of methods that professional graffiti removal services can use in order to remove graffiti, and best preserve the surface underneath, which is especially important when removing graffiti from historical or listed buildings. The quickest, and most economical, method of graffiti is painting it out. Obviously, this method is only suitable for already painted surfaces where the same type of paint is readily available to erase the graffiti.

Other methods of graffiti removal require more specialised products, or more experienced workmen that will ensure the thorough removal of graffiti in a safe and controlled way. For example, chemical removal products are often used, but a lot of these products are strong chemicals that must be handled properly and used with the correct protective clothing and equipment. The varying strength of solvents also make them hard to predict and professional graffiti removal companies will be aware of the correct solvents to use in order to remove the graffiti without risking damage to the surface underneath.

In addition to these chemical methods, soda blasting can also be an effective method of removing graffiti. Soda blasting is a self contained system that blasts sodium bicarbonate at an extremely high pressure using compressed air. The bicarbonate breaks into micro-fragments upon impact and takes away almost any material on the surface without affecting the substrate underneath. This method is highly effective and is becoming much more popular as it works extremely fast and is also completely safe and environmentally friendly, it is the perfect solution for conservation projects.

APT is highly experienced in removing all kinds of graffiti and chewing gum, using a number of different methods. Our qualified team can always recommend the safest, quickest, and most economical method of graffiti removal, ensuring the incriminating substance is removed without affecting the surface underneath. We also produce our own brand of graffiti removal products to ensure high quality results every time and are even happy to provide training for your own graffiti removal teams.

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