Factory Cleaning

Dedicated to providing innovative factory cleaning and restoration solutions in Doncaster.

With 30 years’ experience, APT provides tailor made solutions for your factory cleaning and  maintenance projects in Doncaster.

Hastle Free Full Building Cleaning Services IN DONCASTER

From small industrial units to large high bay, APT can provide the Doncaster factory cleaning services you require for your interior and exterior cleaning as well cleaning factory equipment. Our range of services cover; cleaning brick, stone, concrete, metal, tarmac and paint, as well removing graffiti; cleaning cladding, roofs and gutters;installing bird netting; renovating facades; removing dust and dirt; repainting and cleaning silos and tanks. We not only clean properties we will completely refurbish it as well. For a more delicate approach we can offer our specialised soda blasting services see www.aptsodablasting.co.uk

Plant Maintenance and Factory Cleaning Services Doncaster

Our Doncaster production cleaning team are ready to serve you, whether it is a one off job during maintenance shutdowns or breakdowns, or on a regular basis as part of your company’s maintenance and cleaning program. We maintain a good track record on completing our jobs within deadlines, which is a must for shutdowns and production cleaning when the downtime has to be limited. Our management team plans all tasks in accordance to our Method Statements and Risk Assessments.

Factories contain many hazards and health risks that require cleaning staff to strictly adhere to safety protocols. APT has more than a quarter of century experience in managing factory cleaning projects. We are the perfect partner for companies searching for cleaning experts.

Each facility is different. We ensure we understand your needs and come up with a cleaning plan to cover work surfaces, floors, ceilings, and equipment. The plan will consider the timing requirements so that our workers will not disrupt the operations of the factory and have as little downtime as possible.

Oil Spills

One of our Doncaster warehouse cleaning services is removing oil spills, whether it is general oil and grease residue, or an emergency oil spill. We use specialised industrial cleaning solutions that have been tested and proven effective over the past decades.

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Doncaster High Level Cleaning

Aside from warehouse floor cleaning, we also specialise in high level cleaning light fittings, ducting, conduits, structural steels and timbers, crane tracks, cladding, roof areas, louvers, vents, and skylights.

Daily Hygiene Maintenance

As part of our Doncaster factory cleaning services, we provide wash station cleaning and replenish the consumables in it. We also clean aisles and walkways. We also maintain the employees’ locker room and other amenities. We also maintain the cleanliness of the factory through litter picking and waste control and segregation.

Food Production Area Cleaning

A clean workplace promotes efficiency and effectiveness. Cleanliness is vital for food production facilities. We keep your machinery and conveyor systems free from spills and other contaminants. We provide hygiene and production support cleaning.

Fully Trained Staff

Our workers are fully trained to provide factory cleaning services in Doncaster that require special skills. Some of the training and special skills they possess include working at heights; powered access platform training (IPAF); confined spaces; use of breathing apparatus; passport to safety; and ultra-high pressure water blasting. Our workers are trained to enable them to proficiently clean any equipment and machinery within the facility.

Contact us today. We are here to help you. Unlike other Doncaster factory cleaning companies, we provide a free consultation to discuss your cleaning needs. We provide professional, reliable and cost effective solutions to your warehouse cleaning problems.