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Dedicated to providing innovative deep sanitation cleaning solutions for your business.

With 30 years’ experience, APT provides tailor made solutions for your deep sanitising cleaning for companies across all industries nationwide.

Deep Cleaning Sanitation ServiceS

With the expectation that businesses and institutions will be re-opening; the thought of how this can be done with best practice and safe procedures begin to arise.

Having had 30 years’ experience in professional cleaning, working with some of the largest organisations in the UK, we have investigated the most effective way to eradicate the virus, known as COVID-19. APT’s objective is to ensure that your premises are hygienically clean in order to prevent the spread if the virus, allowing you to work in a safe environment.

COVID-19 is a family of viruses which are enveloped, thus are not resistant to disinfectants therefore, it is vital that effective disinfectants are used to control the spread if the virus and prevent cross contamination. APT have several antiviral disinfectants and sanitisers that conform to BS EN1276 and BS EN1500 for use against coronavirus. Visit

Hospital Cleaning
APT offer several methods of deep cleaning and sanitation:
  • Fogging
  • One-off deep cleaning and sanitation
  • Regular preventative sanitation
  • Vehicle transport sanitation
  • Street cleaning sanitation
  • Out of hours cleaning
  • Emergency Call-Out Service (24 Hours)


Using APT’s Fogging Machines along with VIROKILL will destroy 99.999% of harmful airborne bacteria and infectious organisms that rest on all surfaces. VIROKILL is a powerful, fast acting amphoteric biocide bactericidal killer, approved to BS EN1276. Used through the fogger it will directly infiltrate hard surfaces, hard to reach crevices and soft furnishings where bacteria can rapidly multiply.

It has a broad spectrum of activity with a specialised primary biocide that works quickly against enveloped viruses, HBV/HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes simplex, Rota Virus, Bovine, Corona Virus/SARS-CoV and H1N1 Avian influenza.

VIROKILL is a food safe, high concentrate, low odour formula and can be used in kitchens and food processing.

Disinfection fogging allows for a rapid, thorough sanitation of large areas.

One Off Deep Clean and Sanitation

APT Infection Control Department will engage in consultation with your company to establish your precise requirements and parameters. We will list all areas, surfaces, plant, or special equipment within your organisation. A detailed report will be compiled listing which sanitising method and disinfectant products along with a scope of work. All MSDS sheets and risk assessments will be provided.

Once the deep clean has been completed, a specialist cleaning programme will be provided to the customer free of charge, so that in-house, routine cleaning can continue to keep the workforce safe.

Vehicle Transport Cleaning

APT will decontaminate your vehicles, be that trains, buses, ambulances and lorries etc. Our infection control specialist will consult with you to decide on the appropriate cleaning technique. Fogging is proven to be the most effective form of sanitising followed by frequent use of our professional alcohol base sanitising spraySTERI TEC

Street Cleaning Sanitation

Using our super steam cleaning, our teams of infection control technicians will decontaminate any outside parameter using our powerful virus killing surface sanitiser and cleaner product VIROKILL.

APT provide deep cleaning services and fogging decontamination to the following organisations:

  • Education Establishments
  • Government Buildings
  • The Health & Care Sector
  • Retail Outlets
  • Offices
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Transport
  • Food Processing
  • Agricultural
  • Businesses
  • Factories

Specialised Professional Sanitisers

APT started as a specialised commercial chemical company back in 1989 and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field. We work closely with our consultant chemist to ensure that the disinfectants and sanitisers we supply are of the highest quality, they are medical grade and approved to help kill the virus.

It is paramount now more than ever that we use high quality cleaning products that are fit for purpose and that we do not use inferior cheap products. This is a challenging time and sanitising and disinfection must be taken seriously to avoid cross contamination. Many of our products are tested to BS EN 14476 & BS EN 1276 and kill 99.99% of all known pathogens, including COVID-19.

Food Processing and Manufacturing Industries

Our disinfection and sanitising products have been specifically designed to for the food industry, they are food safe, low odour and powerful.

APT’s Teams of Infection Control Technicians

We have 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise in infection control. Our technicians are highly trained and have worked in viral controlled areas within hospitals.

As you would expect from a national company, we are fully compliant and our teams are equipped with the correct PPE and RPE. All cleaning material will be double bagged, removed from your premises and disposed of in accordance with regulations. APT hold an Environment Agency Registered Waste Carriers License. We conform to ISO 9001.

As a professional remediation company, we can also support with Coronavirus containment and control.

You’re in Safe Hands with APT-ICC

It is imperative that specialist deep cleaning is undertaken to provide protection against pathogens. At APT we use Public Health England guidance to ensure that your building and its contents are sanitised using approved cleaning products.

The safety of your team’s health is a major priority and we understand that you will want to ensure that all precautions have been put in place to protect them.

We have implemented a FREE PHONE number 0800 0723 773 dedicated to COVID-19 advice.

A member of our specialist COVID-19 response team will contact you to discuss the requirements in detail and determine the cleaning need and urgency. Every organisation is different, our response team will work with you to determine the best method.

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