30 Years

Soda Blasting, Restoration and Surface Preparation

Client Details: Burleigh Church, Newport

Project: Soda Blasting, Restoration and Surface Preparation

The Project
The Burleigh Church in Newport had recently been purchased by the client. They were on a strict timescale to open. A sensitive, holistic approach was essential.

APT were asked to make a site visit and advise on several aspects of the project including the stone, wood and roof repairs.

The Challenges
The internal works had to be carried out from manual towers as the floor could not support the use of powered access lifts. Also, we needed to access the ceiling there were roof tie bars spanning the whole room, this meant we had to dismantle and erect the towers on a daily basis. We also had protect the sensitive stained glass windows throughout the restoration. On stone walls, we saw biological plant growth which also had to be removed.

APT’s Solution
We liaised with the local authority’s Conservation Architect to discuss our proposals for the use of Soda Blasting.

The client’s architects drew up a works programme and had the Soda Blasting agreed as a preferred method due to our 30 years industry knowledge and our expertise in working on many sensitive historical buildings, monuments, commercial buildings and highway structures.
Our innovative, specialist Soda Blast system was used on every surface as it does not harm the substrate and uses no water, this was imperative for the wood surfaces.

The Result
We removed several layers of varnish and paint from the wood surfaces including the organ, the wall paneling, the wood flooring, the doors and the dome ceiling.

One of the major benefits of using Soda Blasting was the wood did not have to be removed, in particular the tongue and grove dome ceiling. All alternative methods would not give the desired results and would take twice as long.
The stone building exterior façade – our industry-trained and experienced technicians provided a complete holistic solution to clean and restore the facade, removing years of algae build up and pollution.
The roofing team carried out the sympathetic roof repairs.
The Church was restored to its former glory.

Client Testimonial
“I would like to thank the team at APT for the hard work and flexibility in delivering this project on time and in overcoming some of the abnormalities suffered with recent weather and on-site movements of contractors. The result was outstanding, and I look forward to working with you in the future on similar projects.”

Dave Nicolas


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