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Machinery Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning of Floors and Bunded Pit Cleaning

Client Details: Aviation Factory – Farnborough/Aldershot, Hampshire

Project: Industrial Machinery Cleaning, Bunded Pit Cleaning and Factory Floor Cleaning

The Project
Old factory machinery was being replaced by new machinery. When the old machinery was removed, deep cleaning was required of the factory floor, the bunded pits (catchpits) and all machinery. APT carried out a factory survey and provided proposals for evaluation by the client.

The Challenges
Timing and co-ordination were of great importance, as the new machinery needed to be up and working within days if installment to avoid down time.
The machinery and plant were in constant use with 6-day shift patterns, so the schedule for cleaning and painting would be a very tight. The coordination of all involved was paramount in order to avoid disruption to daily operations. Because of the nature of the industry, attention to detail was paramount.

APT’s Solution
Our specialist industrial cleaners were deployed to deep clean all areas. We used APT’s specialised degreaser Powermax 2020 and Citrus RTU to clean the plant machinery and equipment as these products quickly break down and emulsify all the surface grease, oils and other surface contaminents to allow for washing and wiping off. Powermax 2020 degreaser was also used for the industrial floor cleaning. The bunded pits (catchpits) were cleaned using Citrus RTU.

The Result
APT completed the factory and machinery cleaning to exact specification and time for the new factory machinery to be installed. APT are a trusted partner of the company and provide assistance on all cleaning tasks.

Providing Industrial Cleaning, Industry Machinery Cleaning Services and Industrial Floor Cleaning in Farnborough, Hampshire including surrounding areas of Aldershot, Guildford, Reading, Basingstoke, Bracknell and Wokingham.


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