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Client Details: Sun Hydraulics, Coventry

Project: Industrial Machinery Cleaning and Factory Cleaning

Brief Overview
APT were asked to provide a schedule of works for a complete deep clean of all the tooling and metal working machines in the production areas of the factory along with industrial warehouse and factory floor cleaning. The deep cleaning was essential not only for health & safety purposes but to accommodate visits from their high-end clients.

A full factory survey was carried out, along with sample testing and proposals for evaluation by the client. The cleaning options and methods were further discussed with the plant manager and the Health and Safety Officer. APT consulted on many areas proposing leaner, more efficient and effective ways of cleaning whilst maintaining high end results.

The machinery and plant were in constant use so had not been cleaned for many years. The excess build-was so excessive that it had spread to the floors and required immediate attention to eradicate the build-up.

It was important to cause as little disruption as possible during this factory cleaning process; a detailed safe working scheme needed to be adopted.

APT initiated the use of the specialised industrial degreaser Powermax 2020 and Citrus RTU to clean throughout the plant machinery and equipment. Powermaxx 2020 formulates to quickly break down and emulsify the tenacious hardened grease, oils and other surface contaminants thus allowing easy washing and wiping off.

The Powermax 2020 Degreaser was also used throughout the factory cleaning process for the industrial floor cleaning and warehouse cleaning through the scrubber dryers.

The Result / Outcome
APT carried out a safe programme of factory cleaning works to meet client expectations and have since been awarded further on-going planned maintenance works, which will ensure the factory and plant maintains the cleaning standards in all areas.

Other Comments
As part of our ongoing partnership APT have trained the internal team to implement the Powermax 2020 and Citrus RTU degreaser into their Kaizen cleaning programme for weekly maintenance and floor cleaning tasks.

Client Testimonial
“APT clearly demonstrated vast knowledge and competence to assist and deliver the heavy and demanding cleaning tasks from their first engagement. Our production areas are now managed in house from the excellent introduction of APT’s cleaning programme. We highly recommend and will continue to use their services.”

James Salmon
Production and Facilities Manager

Providing Factory cleaning in Coventry and surrounding areas of Rugby, Derby, Birmingham, Leicester, Kidderminster, Nuneaton and Wolverhampton.


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