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Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Machinery Cleaning and Factory Cleaning

Client Details: Doncasters, Blaenavon

Project: Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Machinery Cleaning, Factory Cleaning, Specialised Sump Pit Cleaning and Confined Space Cleaning

Brief Overview
APT were called and asked to visit the factory and to offer advice to the site engineer on the best methods for the industrial cleaning process, the industrial machinery cleaning and the pit cleaning. The industrial deep cleaning was essential not only for health & safety purposes but for efficient production.

A factory survey was carried out, along with sample testing and suggestions for evaluation by the client. The cleaning options and methods were further discussed with the engineers, plant manager and the health and safety officer.

A full schedule of work, a risk assessment and method statements were produced before we commenced any of the industrial cleaning along with the confined space cleaning certificates.

Industrial Pit Cleaning
The APT team are fully qualified to work in confined spaces and understand the complications that can arise when working in pit cleaning. There are strict health & safety guidelines to adhere to when cleaning industrial sump pits. Doncaster’s needed the assurance that we were well versed in this area of industrial cleaning. APT were able to demonstrate their competency with our accreditations and the risk assessment and method statements produced before we started the pit cleaning.

PPE is of vital important in these industrial cleaning tasks and the knowledge and know-how from the team is essential. The sump pits were full of oil, metal slag and debris overflow from the machines.

The factory was a busy plant and the engineers could only allow the machinery a small window for shut down. The factory machinery had not been cleaned for many years, therefore an extreme built up had occurred.

To clean and remove all oil and debris from the confined space sump pits.

APT initiated the use of the specialised industrial degreaser Powermax 2020 and Citrus RTU to clean the plant machinery, equipment and the sump pits. Powermax 2020 formulates to quickly break down and emulsify the tenacious hardened grease, oils and other surface contaminants thus allowing easy washing and wiping off.

The Powermax 2020 Degreaser was also used throughout the factory cleaning process for the industrial floor cleaning.

The Result / Outcome
APT carried out a safe programme of industrial cleaning works within the factory to meet the client expectations and timelines.

Industrial Cleaning and Factory cleaning and Sump Pit Cleaning in Blaenau Gwent, Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and surrounding areas of South Wales and the West and South West England.


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