Client Details: Corus Steel Works, Newport

Project: Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Machine Cleaning & Industrial Cleaning Products

The Project
The emergency was caused by a burst in the heavy oil pumping systems; the liquid sprayed hundreds of gallons of oils around the cellar basement, walls, ceilings, machinery, plant, cable trays and pipework. The excess oils were entering the cellars and flooding towards the water drainage systems and near to the red-hot scale debris from the furnace mills above.

The situation was extremely hazardous and potentially lethal. Corus were faced with huge losses not only for the cost of repairs but for loss in production. There was an expected 12 week shut down plus liability costs; this was being estimated at millions of pounds of damages, a hard hit for any industrial plant to cope with.

Client Estimated Cost for the Industrial Cleaning: £500,000
Savings achieved by APT during the industrial cleaning were more than £200,000 in recovering the plant and equipment.

APT’s Action Taken
The client contacted APT for an emergency site meeting. After an agreed proposal and plan with the client’s fire and safety department, we despatched a fully equipped and specially trained spill response team who have served the industrial cleaning industry for many years.

APT set up a safe practice working area. The drainage systems were sealed off to prevent materials entering the drain system. Whilst everything was closed, we diverted the flooding oil away from the dangerous red-hot metal debris.

The methodologies and approach agreed for the industrial cleaning
Following a full investigative survey by APT it was found that a large proportion of the identified apparatus, plant and machinery and building structures were functional and could be brought back into production provided that the right combination of industrial cleaning systems and methodologies were employed.

Methodologies and agreed approach
We consulted with our chemist who advised on the specific industrial chemicals and degreasers to use for this industrial cleaning task. Our teams first task was to treat the surfaces with the stipulated products, then using a combination of manual labour, Low Pressure Super-Heated Steam Cleaning Systems, Soda Blast Cleaning and Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, APT were able to restore over 80% of the machinery plant, allowing return to production in less than three weeks.

The Result
This fast action was recognised by the client’s Fire and Safety department as instrumental in preventing huge losses to industrial equipment, production and environmental contamination.

After the initial emergency cleaning work, APT were given the task of identifying and implementing a list of long-term protections and maintenance programmes through the whole site, to be implemented in conjunction with the client’s own safety team. The recommendations APT provided for industrial cleaning services and supplies were recognised and accepted by the client.

The preventative work programme contract was awarded to APT which included, the cutting of new strategic channels into the concrete floors to divert any future spillages or run off problems, in capsulation of some of the sensitive plant and splash barriers.

APT’s industrial painting team painted the cellar and walls, including demarcation safe walking routes.

Safety oil spillage kits were installed throughout strategic locations within the plant.

Routine inspection and industrial maintenance cleaning regime were enforced. A pro-active maintenance programme was initiated with weekly and monthly management reports, highlighting areas of concern and required actions to maintain a safe working environment.

Client Testimonial
“APT are no ordinary industrial cleaning company, they reacted immediately to our emergency. They think outside of the box and provide both long- and short-term solutions. It is very apparent when you speak to them that their wealth of knowledge within the business is to be credited. We are very grateful for the help APT provided.”

Brian Clements


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