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Graffiti Removal, Soda Blasting, Property Restoration, Brick Cleaning & Limescale Removal

Client Details: Newport City Homes, Newport

Project: Graffiti Removal, Soda Blasting, Property Restoration, Brick Cleaning and Limescale Removal

Brief Overview
As APT have worked for Newport City Homes previously we were invited to quote to remove age old graffiti from brick walls. Whilst the graffiti removal was underway, it was suggested that the entire walls were cleaned and NCH required a proposal for the best method of cleaning the brickwork.

APT suggested that the most efficient and quickest method to remove the graffiti from the brickwork would be soda blasting. Soda Blasting would also remove the limescale and effervescence from the masonry, this meant that one cleaning process could be used for the entire brick cleaning and graffiti removal project. There were tight budget restrictions to work to with the brickwork cleaning programme.

The Suggested Improvements
To remove the graffiti, APT suggested a combination of water feed and standard dry feed soda blast cleaning, this would help reduce costs to meet the budget requirements. Using the dry feed blast cleaning would ensure that no water was driven into the badly damaged masonry as soda blasting is completely safe for brick cleaning and will not damage the substrate.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of soda blasting, we completed several trial areas on the brick walls, this allowed the client to see how long each section would take and agree the cleaning process.

During our discussion it was noted that special attention needed to be taken, when cleaning, regarding the busy opening times of the shopping areas and school walkways.

The soda blasting was carried out as specified with the use of both dry and wet soda blast systems. APT Graffiti Removal products where required to further minimise costs.

Client Testimonial
“I would like to again thank to APT for carrying out the recent graffiti removal programme to meet our Keep Wales Tidy (www.keepwalestidy.org) audit. We received excellent feedback from the residents and the areas look much improved.”

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