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Project: Food Manufacturing Cleaning, Factory Cleaning, Commercial Chemical Supplies, High Level Cleaning

Brief Overview
Several “cross use” cleaning products were being used. There were no formal cleaning procedures or training programme for operatives within the food factory. The result of the factory cleaning was ineffective, double working, time v people cost and expensive cleaning products.

It is vitally important that when offering the services of food factory cleaning that there is was confusion of the commercial chemicals being used, this was not the case for this food manufacturing company who had been ill advised; The expenditure for cleaning products was high, as was the order frequency. They were using several different suppliers and too many different chemical products – The provider should have advised accordingly.

There were key Health and Safety issues for the operators not only in using incorrect, ineffective cleaning products but the provider had not advised how to use them correctly.

There was a hygiene risk due to incompatible products sourced from several suppliers which counteracted with each other during the cleaning process and therefore resulted in lower cleaning and hygiene inefficiency.

Due to our 30 years in the specialist commercial cleaning industry we were able to provide a full review of all the cleaning and hygiene processes to be used throughout the food factory and supplied a full scope of recommendations for improvements. The recommendations would improve levels of hygiene, achieve new compliance standards, reduce costs through waste and environmental impact and reduce and consolidate number of cleaning products used.

APT carried out a full assessment of the food factory premises and processes. Our team attended and provided site trials in all areas of the factory using our suggested specialised food safe cleaning product APT UltraClean Bactericidal, which is environmentally friendly product and highly cost effective at just 0.05p per litre.

The manufacturing companies’ hygienist carried out bactericidal testing before putting the food safe cleaning product to full use.

APT provided a full procedural report with recommendations to use for cleaning in food processing industry, this was approved and a training certified programme was produced and implemented with great success.

The Result
As a result of introducing APT UltraClean Bactericidal (a food safe cleaning product) into the factory cleaning process the following results were achieved:-
· Improved cleaning efficiency of factory plant and equipment
· Major improvements to the efficiency of hygiene standards
· Reduction in number of products being used – better control and understanding for all staff
· Reduced risk of errors in product usage
· Reduction in product and storage costs
· Health and Safety – with one product in use COSHH is easier to control
· Less wastage – by using the product in correct measured quantities
· Environmental/user impact – APT UltraClean (Magnaclean) Bactericidal contains organic but effective ingredients – no need for harsh products
· Health and Safety issues – through the introduction of the APT Safer Working Practices, accidents and the risk of claims against the company were limited
· Improved co-operation and staff moral.

With the APT Factory Cleaning Report there is little or no need for the client to be involved in the process, unless in direct use of products.

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